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SYRYM – Syrym

Syrym – Syrym (2008, Hatrix Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Foul Mouth Blues” … 5:03
2. “Warpath” … 4:37
3. “Torn In Two” … 5:39
4. “Ugly On The Inside” … 6:03
5. “Brokedown” … 5:03
6. “The Sky Is Falling” … 5:04
7. “30 & Dirty” … 4:17
8. “While America Sleeps” … 5:05
9. “Alive In The Real World” … 4:21
10. “Bring It On (Go Down Fighting)” … 5:10
11. “What I’m Trying To Say” … 5:14
12. “What I’m Trying To Say (Reprise)” … 1:47

Jeffrey Winslow – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Keyboard
Ron Freschi – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboard
Rich Talley – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jamey Pacheco – Drums

Produced by: Ron Freschi

I became aware of Syrym thanks to this very blogĀ  and one of my earliest album entries when Mr. Jeffrey Winslow popped up in the comments section. Very cool of him. I also have to say he does a great job on this album. I love his vocals.

For some unknown reason, I never got around to picking this album up when it was released. Darn shame too, because I could’ve been enjoying this music so much sooner! This is yet another release that would’ve been a strong contender for the Top 10 of ’08 list… Had I actually heard it in 2008!

This is a great melodic hard rock release that continues in a similar style to Babylon A.D. And why shouldn’t it? Ron Freschi & Jamey Pacheco were both in Babylon A.D. Anyone who is a fan of that band or the 80s/90s melodic hard rock sound should love this release, because I certainly do.

I know this is an album I’ll be reaching for quite often.

Highlights: “Foul Mouth Blues”, “Warpath”, “Torn In Two”, “Ugly On The Inside”, “30 & Dirty”, “Alive In The Real World”, “Bring It On (Go Down Fighting)”

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