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DREAM EVIL – In The Night

Dream Evil – In The Night (2010, Century Media Records)

1. “Immortal” … 4:38
2. “In The Night” … 3:15
3. “Bang Your Head” … 3:52
4. “See The Light” … 3:40
5. “Electric” … 3:50
6. “Frostbite” … 3:31
7. “On The Wind” … 3:45
8. “The Ballad” … 4:52
9. “In The Fires Of The Sun” … 4:41
10. “Mean Machine” … 4:05
11. “Kill, Burn, Be Evil” … 2:51
12. “The Unchosen One” … 3:36

Nick Night (AKA – Niklas Isfeldt) – Lead Vocals
Dannee Demon (AKA – Daniel Varghamne) – “Lead” Lead Guitar
Ritchie Rainbow (AKA – Fredrik Nordstrom) – “Lead” Rhythm Guitar
Pete Pain (AKA – Peter Stalfors) – “Lead” Bass
Pat Power (AKA Patrik Jerksten) – “Lead” Drums

Producer: Dream Evil, Henrik Udd and Fredrik Nordstrom

I missed out on 2006’s United album which I had read some mixed reviews on, but now I’m back on board for In The Night, which was a much anticipated release for me in 2010. Despite the change in membership since 2004’s The Book of Heavy Metal (which I haven’t reviewed yet because all I have is the bonus DVD, I lost the CD a few years ago), such as Gus G leaving to go full-time with Firewind and Snowy Shaw leaving to do a variety of projects, the band’s power metal sound remains the same as guitarist/producer/founder Fredrik “Ritchie Rainbow” Nordstorm holds the fort down.

In fact, the only noticeable change to the band is that all the members now have stage names, which is a bit odd to do eight years and six albums into your career, but oh well. Humorously, on the band’s website and in the album credits, everyone is listed as playing “lead” on their respective instruments. There’s also some pretty funny band photos in the booklet as well.

Lyrically, these guys are purposefully not breaking new ground. But how could you not like a song called “Kill, Burn, Be Evil”? How cool is that? There’s a lot of talk about “metal” that would fit right in on a Manowar release, but then that’s part of the fun isn’t it? There’s even a funny line in “The Ballad” name-checking Snowy Shaw.

“Just like lightning strikes a fire in the night, metal is the only way!”

It doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it sure does work well when Nick Night screams it with such passion. Truly a gifted “metal star” vocalist!

As for the music, Dream Evil does a great job of coming up with catchy choruses and keeps the filler to a minimum. They’re easily one of the best metal bands to come out in the last decade and it’s a shame they don’t get enough recognition. In short, if you liked their previous albums, you’ll like this one as well. This album is on par with Evilized and The Book of Heavy Metal, in my opinion, and is a definite highlight release for 2010.

Highlights: “Immortal”, “In The Night”, “Bang Your Head”, “Electric”, “The Ballad”, “Kill, Burn, Be Evil”, “The Unchosen One”

DREAM EVIL – Evilized

Dream Evil – Evilized (2003, Century Media Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Break the Chains” … 3:32
2. “By My Side” … 3:38
3. “Fight You ‘Till the End” … 3:53
4. “Evilized” … 4:43
5. “Invisible” … 2:53
6. “Bad Dreams” … 3:10
7. “Forevermore” … 5:08
8. “Children of the Night” … 4:45
9. “Live a Lie” … 3:26
10. “Fear the Night” … 3:47
11. “Made of Metal” … 3:55
12. “The End” … 4:23

Niklas Isfeldt – Vocals
Fredrik Nordstr̦m РGuitars, Keyboards
Gus G. – Guitars
Peter St̴lfors РBass
Snowy Shaw – Drums

Produced by: Dream Evil

80s-influenced power metal from Sweden! I first became aware of Dream Evil in 2004 and immediately fell in love with them. I must’ve downloaded sampled their songs somewhere, because I remember ordering Evilized and that year’sThe Book of Heavy Metal at the same time.

This is just a great album all around: full of catchy choruses, proclamations of love for metal, some nice power ballads and great guitar work. And I have to point of the soaring vocals of Niklas Isfeldt. The guy is probably one of my favorite metal singers.

“Bad Dreams” sounds like a lost Dio song, but what do you expect from a band that shares their name with a Dio album? “Forevermore” is a pretty beautiful ballad and even I haven’t heard the album for awhile, I find it popping it in my head every now and then.

Highlights: “By My Side”, “Evilized”, “Forevermore”, “Children of the Night”, “Made of Metal”, “The End”

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