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BLUE MURDER – Blue Murder

Blue Murder – Blue Murder (1989, Geffen Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Riot” … 6:21
2. “Sex Child” … 5:59
3. “Valley of the Kings” … 7:51
4. “Jelly Roll” … 4:44
5. “Blue Murder” … 4:55
6. “Out of Love” … 6:44
7. “Billy” … 4:11
8. “Ptolemy” … 6:29
9. “Black-Hearted Woman” … 4:47

John Sykes – Vocals, Guitar
Tony Franklin – Bass
Carmine Appice – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Nik Greene – Keyboards

Produced by: Bob Rock

I continue to eat my words as I take another look at some of these albums! I’d always heard a lot of praise for Blue Murder so I bought this CD a few years ago, I immediately loved “Sex Child” and “Jelly Roll”, but the rest didn’t leave much an impression on me.

How times have changed!

This is a great melodic hard rock album! Shredder John Sykes, journeyman drummer Carmine Appice and legendary producer Bob Rock knocked one out of the park here. Until Blue Murder, Sykes had most recently been a member of Whitesnake and played on their 1987 album, but ended up leaving/getting fired (I’ve read different accounts) and went out to form this band.

The album is more in line with your usual 80s melodic hard rock sound, but there are some touches of Whitesnake blues rock here as well, as evidenced by songs like “Valley of the Kings”, “Blue Murder” and “Black-Hearted Woman”. I’ve never checked out the follow up album, but I should.

Highlights: “Sex Child”, “Valley of the Kings”, “Jelly Roll”, “Out of Love”, “Ptolemy”, “Black-Hearted Woman”

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