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MANOWAR – Warriors of the World

Manowar – Warriors of the World (2002, Metal Blade Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Call to Arms” … 5:29
2. “The Fight for Freedom” … 4:26
3. “Nessun Dorma” … 3:29
4. “Valhalla” … 0:32
5. “Swords in the Wind” … 5:10
6. “An American Trilogy” … 4:20
7. “The March” … 3:56
8. “Warriors of the World United” … 5:56
9. “Hand of Doom” … 5:49
10. “House of Death” … 4:19
11. “Fight Until We Die” … 4:00

Eric Adams – Vocals
Karl Logan – Guitar, Keyboard
Joey DeMaio – Bass, Keyboard, Piccolo
Scott Columbus – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Joe Rozler – Piano, Backing Vocals, Pipe Organ

Produced by: Manowar

My first Manowar album and I’ve been trepidatious to try them ever since. This is regarded to be one of the worst Manowar albums. For someone who’s never heard a Manowar album before this one, I’ll say it’s just pretty average. There’s going to be some absurdity in every Manowar release, but “An American Trilogy”? Really?

Just way too many soft spots where Manowar forgets they’re a metal band and begin think they’re at the opera. I will say that Eric Adams does have an impressive voice suited for either metal or apparently, the opera, but who wants to listen to opera? Not me.

After all this, I considered picking up the band’s 2007 release “Gods of War”, but the reviews for that album are even worse than reviews for this one.

Highlights: “Call to Arms”, “Swords in the Wind”, “Warriors of the World United”, “Fight Until We Die”

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