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ARCADE – Arcade

Arcade – Arcade (1993, Epic Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Dancin’ With The Angels” … 4:09
2. “Nothin’ To Lose” … 4:38
3. “Calm Before The Storm” … 4:08
4. “Cry No More” … 5:34
5. “Screamin’ S.O.S.” … 3:37
6. “Never Goin’ Home” … 3:41
7. “Messed Up World” … 3:57
8. “All Shook Up” … 3:38
9. “So Good… So Bad…” … 4:39
10. “Livin’ Dangerously” … 3:13
11. “Sons And Daughters” … 1:53
12. “Mother Blues” … 3:11

Stephen Pearcy – Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Frankie Wilsex – Guitar
Donny Syracuse – Guitar
Michael Andrews – Bass
Fred Coury – Drums, Backing Vocals

Produced by: David Prater

Arcade was one of the last great pop metal acts. Unfortunately, they arrived just a few years too late to really make an impact because grunge & alternative rock already had crashed the charts by the time this album was released in the Spring of ’93.

It really is a great record and one of the best examples of the genre, I think. Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) recruited Cinderella’s Fred Coury alongside a few other players to put out an album that sounds like a more melodic version of Ratt. If this had been released in ’89 or ’90, quite a number of these songs could’ve been huge hits.

A follow-up was released in ’94, that time it was a little more in-step with the current musical climate. In 2006, Pearcy announced his intentions to revive the band, but ended up rejoining Ratt instead.

Highlights: “Dancin’ With The Angels”, “Nothin’ To Lose”, “Calm Before The Storm”, “Cry No More”, “Screamin’ S.O.S.”, “Never Goin’ Home”, “So Good… So Bad…”

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