The Last Vegas – Eat Me [Album Review]


The Last Vegas – Eat Me
2016, AFM Records

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1. Bloodthirsty
2. Here We Go Again
3. Universe & You
4. Hot Fudge
5. Along For the Ride
6. Voodoo Woman
7. Love’s Got Nothing On Me
8. Hard to Get Over You (You’re So)
9. To Be Treated
10. Anything It Takes
11. From Hell

Chad Cherry – Vocals
Adam Arling – Guitar
Johnny Wator – Guitar
Bryan Wilkinson – Guitar
Danny Smash – Bass
Nathan Arling – Drums

Producer: The Last Vegas

Don’t be fooled by the Steel Panther-style album cover/title, Eat Me is the best effort from The Last Vegas yet. These Chicago rockers have been grinding on the road and in the studio for over ten years with a throwback sleazy hard rock style. The band describes this new effort as “pop trash” but there’s no real change in the band’s style. If anything, they sound a bit more old school rock (that tends to happen when you bring in a Moog and talk-boxes).

I do believe the band has matured as songwriters though. This album was apparently written and recorded in a very short amount of time, about 3 weeks, nothing feels rushed. The band continues to grow as songwriters. While I was a fan of Whatever Gets You Off, the next couple of albums didn’t grab me. Eat Me is different. Stylistically, not much has changed other than I just think the songs are stronger and catchier this time around.

The only song that somewhat sticks out as different is the final track, “From Hell”, which seems to almost take an industrial twist on sleaze rock. I like it, though. The band delivers some solid ballads here as well (“Universe & You”, “Love’s Got Nothing On Me”). What absolutely takes the cake for me is “Hot Fudge”. Just a fun dirty, sleazy rocker and the band is obviously having fun on that track.

Fans of Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Tesla, and Guns N’ Roses owe it to themselves to check this album out.

Highlights: “Bloodthirsty”, “Universe & You”, “Hot Fudge”, “Along For the Ride”, “Love’s Got Nothing On Me”, “From Hell”

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