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Buckethead – Colma (1998, CyberOctave Music)

1. “Whitewash” … 4:44
2. “For Mom” … 5:10
3. “Ghost” … 5:28
4. “Hills of Eternity” … 5:06
5. “Big Sur Moon” … 1:13
6. “Machete” … 6:17
7. “Wishing Well” … 4:02
8. “Lone Sal Bug” … 5:31
9. “Sanctum” … 3:41
10. “Wondering” … 2:15
11. “Watching the Boats with My Dad” … 5:06
12. “Ghost Part 2” … 2:31
13. “Colma” … 3:14

Buckethead — Guitar, Bass
Brain — Drums, Loops
DJ Disk — Scratches (“Machete,” “Hills of Eternity,” “Lone Sal Bug”)
Bill Laswell — Bass (“Machete”)
Terry Untalan — Cello, Viola (“Wondering”, “Lone Sal Bug”)

Produced by: Buckethead, Extrakd, Bill Laswell

I’m not really a fan of instrumental albums, they just don’t hold my interest, but I am a big fan of this one. I first became aware of Buckethead as soon as he joined Guns N’ Roses, so I sought out a few of his songs online way back when and came across a handful from this album that I really loved. But given my lack of enjoyment with instrumental albums in the past, I never went out and bought it.

For years, I would see this album sitting in the local FYE music store, and many times I would pick it up and consider making the purchase, but I would always put it back down. Eventually, I gave in.

I know Buckethead has performed a wide variety of music in his career (25 solo albums and going!), but the music here is ambient: very calm, soothing and relaxing. It makes me think of music you might hear in some late night softcore porn movie on Cinemax or maybe something you’d hear playing in a department store. Heck, he could’ve just marketed this as one of those CDs you play to ease you into sleep at night, and I mean that as a compliment. It’s not a boring album at all, it’s very beautiful and reflective.

I really have to be in a special mood to listen to this though. Most of the time, I just wanna rock out and you’re not gonna get that here.

One thing’s for sure though, Buckethead is an amazing guitarist & songwriter.

Highlights: “Whitewash”, “For Mom”, “Ghost”, “Hills of Eternity”, “Big Sur Moon”, “Machete”

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