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Transformers: The Movie – OST (20th Anniversary Special Edition) [Review]

Transformers Soundtrack 20th

Transformers: The Movie – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [20th Anniversary Special Edition]
2007, Volcano Entertainment
(Original Release: 1987, Scotti Brothers Records)

1. “The Touch” (Stan Bush)
2. “Instruments Of Destruction” (N.R.G.)
3. “Death Of Optimus Prime” (Vince DiCola)
4. “Dare” (Stan Bush)
5. “Nothin’s Gonna Stand In Our Way” (Spectre General)
6. “The Transformers Theme” (Lion)
7. “Escape” (Vince DiCola)
8. “Hunger” (Spectre General)
9. “Autobot/Decepticon Battle” (Vince DiCola)
10. “Dare To Be Stupid” (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
11. “Unicron Medley” (Vince DiCola)
12. “Moon Base 2 – Shuttle Launch” (Vince DiCola)
13. “Megatron Must Be Stopped (Parts 1 & 2)” (Vince DiCola)
14. “The Transformers Theme [Alternate Version]” (Stan Bush)

I was a big Transformers fan back in the 1980s. In some respects, I still am, it’s just that I think the Michael Bay movies are terrible so I gave up on that film series after the second movie. 1986’s Transformers: The Movie still remains the best TF movie yet, IMO. Even if they pretty much killed off the entire classic roster of Autobots and replaced them within the span of 90 minutes or so. For my further thoughts on that controversial movie, check out the review I posted at my other blog. Just like the movie, the soundtrack is a big dumb mess (in a good way). It’s a mix of melodic rock, hair metal, instrumentals and Weird Al.

Stan Bush’s “The Touch” and “Dare” have always received high praise from AOR fans but I’ve struggled for years to understand how their connection with this movie was appropriate. Even as a kid when watching the movie, I didn’t really see what “The Touch” had to do with a battle scene. Weird Al Yankovic’s “Dare to Be Stupid” seems even less appropriate during a Autobot/Decepticon battle unless it’s meant to be some kind of commentary on how senseless violence is (I highly doubt this is the case though). On their own, these three songs are actually not bad. They just don’t seem appropriate for the scenes which they were used in during the film.

Now, onto the really good stuff. Kicking things off with a harder edge than Stan Bush could is NRG’s “Instruments of Destruction”. Great ’80s metal track. I love it. Though a legit band, this song seems to be their  one moment of glory in the music world. Shame. Then we have two tracks from Spectre General: “Nothin’s Gonna Stand In Our Way” and “Hunger” (which later covered by King Kobra). Spectre General is actually Kick Axe but for legal reasons (I don’t know the details) they recorded as Spectre General for this soundtrack.


Album art for the 1986 release

And then we have the best track on the entire album and I’m not kidding when I say it’s one of my favorite songs of all-time… “The Transformers Theme” by Lion! Lion was a glam metal act that is also best known for their participation on this but they are also known for having been one of the earliest bands for guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/Dio/Burning Rain). The song is played during the opening credits and it’s a great way to kick off the movie. It’s a glammed up heavy metal version of the Transformers theme.

The rest of the tracks are very ’80s sounding electronic rock instrumentals that were heard in the movie and were composed by Vince DiCola. Most, if not all, of these instrumentals would go on to be used as background music during seasons three & four of the Transformers cartoon. Tracks 11-14 are exclusive to the anniversary edition of this album. Tracks 11, 12 & 13 are supposedly brand new scores (according to Wikipedia) but I’m pretty sure they can be heard in the movie. Track 14 is an alternate take of “The Transformers Theme” featuring Stan Bush. I really can’t stress enough how good DiCola’s score is. It ranges from upbeat and energetic to somber and haunting to foreboding.

Weird Al and Stan Bush still seem a bit out of place to me but the rest of the album is a great ’80s mix of metal and electronic rock. This is a fun soundtrack that really takes me back to my childhood and also brings back images of the movie itself. One of my all-time favorite soundtracks.

Buy the digital album at

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 – Music From and Inspired By

Mission: Impossible 2 – Music From and Inspired By (2000, Hollywood Records)

1. “Take a Look Around” – Limp Bizkit … 5:20
2. “I Disappear” – Metallica … 4:26
3. “Scum of the Earth” – Rob Zombie … 2:55
4. “They Came In” – Butthole Surfers … 4:42
5. “Rocket Science” – The Pimps … 3:30
6. “Have a Cigar” – Foo Fighters & Brian May … 4:02
7. “Mission 2000” – Chris Cornell … 3:42
8. “Goin’ Down” – Godsmack … 3:23
9. “What ‘Chu Lookin’ At?” – Uncle Kracker … 5:11
10. “Backwards” – Apartment 26 … 3:09
11. “Karma” – Diffuser … 3:16
12. “Alone” – Buckcherry …3:23
13. “Immune” – Tinfed … 3:49
14. “My Kinda Scene” – Powderfinger … 4:26
15. “Carnival” – Tori Amos … 4:18
16. “Nyah” – Hans Zimmer & Heitor Pereira … 3:32

Ordered this one online for dirt cheap all because I wanted the Metallica and Buckcherry songs that were exclusive to this album.

A number of singles were released from this album: Limp Bizkit’s “Take a Look Around” (a rap-metal reworking of the Mission: Impossible theme), “I Disappear” and the Foo Fighters/Brian May cover of Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” spring to mind. The local radio stations seemed to be all over the Limp Bizkit single (it was 2000, after all, and rap-metal was all the rage) and “I Disappear” received substantial play as well.

I love “I Disappear”. I think it’s one of Metallica’s best songs. Sure it’s not heavy metal but it’s a great hard rock tune and whenever I heard it on the radio I felt compelled to drive faster. Maybe the music video of James Hetfield speeding around had something to do with that!

Once again showing myself becoming ever more the completist, Buckcherry’s “Alone” is what truly made me decide to buy this album. I didn’t even realize they were on this soundtrack until recently and the song is exclusive to this soundtrack so I had to own this. It’s a pretty good tune, not a career highlight for the band, but I like it and it’s a lot better than most of the songs here.

As you can tell by looking at the artists involved, this is mostly an alternative rock/metal album with most acts turning in the usual generic songs that has come to be expected from soundtracks. Chris Cornell’s “Mission 2000” is decent and despite the title, it’s not some type of remix or variation on the M:I theme — it’s a new, harder version of the song “Mission” which was on his excellent Euphoria Morning solo debut from the year previous.

To be honest, most of this soundtrack is garbage but I only spent a few bucks and got out of it what I expected to get out of it so I guess it’s not a total loss.

Highlights: “I Disappear”, “Have a Cigar”, “Mission 2000”, “Alone”

BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY – Music From The Motion Picture

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – Music From The Motion Picture (1991, Interscope Records)

1. “Shout It Out” – Slaughter … 4:20
2. “Battle Stations” – Winger … 4:02
3. “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II” – KISS … 5:23
4. “Drinking Again” – Neverland … 4:56
5. “Dream of a New Day” – Richie Kotzen … 3:17
6. “The Reaper” – Steve Vai … 3:20
7. “The Perfect Crime” – Faith No More … 4:26
8. “Go to Hell” – Megadeth … 4:36
9. “Tommy the Cat” – Primus … 4:14
10. “Junior’s Gone Wild” – King’s X … 3:09
11. “Showdown” – Love On Ice … 6:20
12. “The Reaper Rap” – Steve Vai … 4:27

Even though I already own “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II” and “Go to Hell” elsewhere, I bought this album basically just because it looked like a fun one and essentially an ’80s hair/heavy metal compilation. Some of these songs were written exclusively for this Bill & Ted sequel (“Go to Hell”, “Battle Stations”, “Shout It Out”, “The Reaper”) while other songs had appeared elsewhere or would be doing so shortly (“Drinking Again”, “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II”, “Tommy the Cat”).

It’s an interesting release that documents some of the final days of hair metal. It’s also interesting because it mixes Slaughter,Winger and KISS with Megadeth, Faith No More and Primus! Winger’s “Battle Stations” and Steve Vai’s “The Reaper” seem to be the two songs that get the most praise from this album and while I don’t necessarily think they are the soundtrack’s best songs, they are very good and definite highlights. Predictably, KISS and Megadeth are the best moments for me.

The title of the movie was originally going to be called Bill & Ted Go to Hell, so the movie studio specifically wanted Megadeth to write a song called “Go to Hell”. Which Dave Mustaine did, but then the title of the movie got changed and some people at the the time thought Dave was ripping off an Alice Cooper title or just plain doing a cover song. I for one thought it was a cover song (which would’ve been really cool) and was slightly disappointed years ago when I found out it was an original. It’s still a good song though. Another note about “Go to Hell” are these spoken words:

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take

Sound familiar? Metallica would also use these same lines (granted, it’s from a prayer) a few months later for “Enter Sandman”. Dave of course flipped out but who knows? Maybe it was just a coincidence or maybe “Enter Sandman” was recorded first. Lyrics aside, I think the song even starts out similar sounding to “Enter Sandman”.

Overall, this is a decent disc to spin if you’re a fan of this type of ’80s rock/metal. Definitely worth the $0.79 or so I paid for it!

Highlights: “Battle Stations”, “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II”, “Drinking Again”, “The Reaper”, “Go to Hell”

BLACK ROSES – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Black Roses – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1988, Metal Blade Records)

1. “Dance on Fire” – Black Roses … 3:47
2. “Soldiers of the Night” – Black Roses … 3:46
3. “I’m No Stranger” – Bang Tango … 4:07
4. “Rock Invasion” – Black Roses … 4:27
5. “Paradise (We’re On Our Way)” – Black Roses … 4:05
6. “Me Against the World” – Lizzy Borden … 4:36
7. “Take It Off” – King Kobra … 3:55
8. “King of Kool” – David Michael Phillips … 3:26
9. “Streetlife Warrior” – Tempest … 3:47
10. “D.I.E.” – Hallow’s Eve … 3:25

This is the soundtrack to the movie Black Roses, which was just one of a handful of heavy metal horror flicks from the 1980s (Trick or Treat will always be my favorite from that sub-genre). I have wanted to see the movie since the early ’00s (when I first learned of its existence) but it was out-of-print on VHS and didn’t get a DVD release in 2007. Thanks to Netflix, I recently watched it. The movie itself was okay. I can see why it’s a considered a cult fave and it was entertaining enough for a one-time viewing. It was typically cheesy and full of unintentional comedy but it featured some of those cool latex creatures and costumes that are extremely rare in this day and age of CGI.

This is one of those soundtracks where a fake/temporary band is put together. (Steel Dragon for Rock Star, The Dudes of Wrath for Shocker, etc). According to information I keep coming across online, the Black Roses group on the album is comprised of King Kobra members Mark Free (vocals) & Carmine Appice (drums) with Chuck Wright (bass) and Alex Masi (guitar). This is where things get hazy though. The King Kobra song on this soundtrack is “Take It Off”. “Take It Off” is from 1988’s King Kobra III which featured Johnny Edwards on vocals. Also, David Michael Phillips (who contributes “King of Kool”) was a member of King Kobra throughout the ’80s so he very well may have been in Black Roses recording group too. Mark Free left King Kobra in ’86 and formed Signal in 1987 but it definitely sounds like Mark Free during the Black Roses songs. Just seems odd to hear him contribute to a soundtrack featuring his former band and to collaborate with them as well.

Most of the Black Roses songs could have easily fit on any King Kobra release. Even “Paradise (We’re On Our Way)”, which is a huge wedge of AOR cheese balladry, could pass for one of Kobra’s more guiltier pleasures and certainly sounds like the norm for something that would come from Signal. I didn’t like it it first in the movie but it’s grown on me in a disturbing way. It’s actually somewhat humorous when you pay attention to the lyrics and keep in mind that this is a demonic band from Hell playing this song:  “my hometown is a page that’s turning, way deep down there’s a fire burning…”

I think this is actually a pretty good album. The cheese factor is high but if you love ’80s rock/metal, that’s never really going to be a problem. All of the Black Roses songs are actually pretty good and full of energy featuring great vocals performances from Free and then Lizzy Borden and King Kobra offer up two of their better songs from their catalog. I really enjoy “King of Kool” too. The vocals sound a lot like Kevin DuBrow, in fact, the whole song sounds like Quiet Riot. I wonder if that is David Michael Phillips’ voice?

Really, the only disappointing tracks are from Bang Tango and Tempest. The only song I’ve ever liked from Bang Tango is “Someone Like You” and I’m not familiar with Tempest but I don’t care for the vocals. The Hallows Eve song is okay, it reminds me of Anthrax, but I wouldn’t say it’s an album highlight.

While the movie is available for about $20 on DVD now, regretfully, this album is now out-of-print. I’ve done some looking around online and have seen prices ranging from $50 to $300! Yikes !! C’mon, Metal Blade, put this album back in circulation!

Highlights: “Dance on Fire”, “Soldiers of the Night”, “Rock Invasion”, “Paradise (We’re On Our Way)”, “Me Against the World”, “Take It Off”, “King of Kool”

WAYNE’S WORLD – Music From The Motion Picture

Wayne’s World – Music From The Motion Picture (1992, Reprise Records)

1. “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen … 5:58
2. “Hot And Bothered” – Cinderella … 4:17
3. “Rock Candy” – Bulletboys … 5:04
4. “Dream Weaver” – Gary Wright … 4:26
5. “Sikamikanico” – Red Hot Chili Peppers … 3:26
6. “Time Machine” – Black Sabbath … 4:19
7. “Wayne’s World Theme” – Mike Myers/Dana Carvey (Extended Version) … 5:14
8. “Ballroom Blitz” – Tia Carrerre … 3:30
9. “Foxy Lady” – Jimi Hendrix … 3:19
10. “Feed My Frankenstein” – Alice Cooper … 4:46
11. “Ride With Yourself” – Rhino Bucket … 3:15
12. “Loving Your Lovin'” – Eric Clapton … 3:55
13. “Why You Wanna Break My Heart” – Tia Carrere … 3:33

A friend passed this one over to me years ago and it’s a good collection of 70s/80s/90s acts. Queen, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cinderella… Sounds good to me! The album was a big hit, making it to #1 on the Billboard 200, knocking off Nirvana’s Nevermind!

In 1992, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” (originally released in 1976 and charting at #9) became a gigantic hit, working it’s way up the Billboard charts to #2 after being re-released as a single, all thanks to the song’s inclusion in the movie. The hilarious scene is one of the best uses ever for a song in a movie

“Feed My Frankenstein” is one of my favorite Alice songs and for years, until seriously getting into Alice, I thought it was an older tune. I didn’t realize the song’s inclusion in the movie and on the soundtrack was a clever marketing ploy to promote his recently released Hey Stoopid album.

Highlights: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Hot And Bothered”, “Rock Candy”, “Feed My Frankenstein”, “Ballroom Blitz”

THE SCORPION KING – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Scorpion King – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2002, Universal Music)

1. “I Stand Alone” – Godsmack … 4:05
2. “Set It Off (Tweaker Remix)” – P.O.D. … 4:11
3. “Break You” – Drowning Pool … 2:48
4. “Streamline” – System of a Down … 3:36
5. “To Whom It May Concern” – Creed … 5:10
6. “Yanking Out My Heart” – Nickelback … 3:36
7. “Losing My Grip” – Hoobastank … 3:56
8. “Only the Strong” – Flaw … 4:18
9. “Iron Head” – Rob Zombie Feat. Ozzy Osbourne … 4:11
10. “My Life” – 12 Stones … 3:03
11. “Along the Way” – Mushroomhead … 3:17
12. “Breathless” – Lifer … 4:40
13. “Corrected” – Sevendust … 4:31
14. “Burn It Black” – Injected … 2:43
15. “27” – Breaking Point … 3:38
16. “Glow” – Coal Chamber … 3:08

Most “original motion picture soundtracks” are made up of filler. Previously released songs or songs that weren’t good enough to make the artists’ album get dumped onto these releases and it’s no different here. The line-up of bands is actually really strong collection of popular late 90s/early 00s rock & metal acts (with a few “who are they” groups thrown in) but let’s be honest– that era doesn’t really have an impressive resume of bands or originality.

The whole album just kinda blends together and comes off as generic despite the names involved. It’s also sports a bloated number of tracks. Did we really need 16 songs for THE SCORPION KING? The fact that most of these songs are generic and filler is fitting because that’s exactly what the movie was as well.

Highlights: “I Stand Alone”, “Set It Off (Tweaker Remix)”, “Iron Head”

FASTWAY – Trick or Treat

Fastway – Trick or Treat (1986, Columbia/CBS Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Trick or Treat” … 2:47
2. “After Midnight” … 3:39
3. “Don’t Stop the Fight” … 4:21
4. “Stand Up” … 4:04
5. “Tear Down the Walls” … 2:07
6. “Get Tough” … 3:30
7. “Hold On To The Night” … 3:22
8. “Heft” … 5:20
9. “If You Could See” … 4:36

Dave King – Vocals
‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke – Guitar
Shane Carroll – Guitar
Paul Reid – Bass
Alan Connor – Drums

Produced by: ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke

This is the fourth release from Fastway and it also doubles as the original motion picture soundtrack to the movie ‘Trick or Treat’. I finally picked up this album in 2007 after longing for it ever since I watched the movie a few years back. Trick or Treat (the movie) is pretty fun 80s rock & roll horror stuff and features cameos by future bumbling, mumbling reality TV dad Ozzy Osbourne and future big-talking, face-lifting reality TV dad Gene Simmons. Is Marc Price next in line for a reality show based on his family life? What would they call it? Marc Price Is Right? Hey, if the Coreys, Scott Baio, and Danny Bonaduce got shows…

Oh yeah, the music. Anyway, as mentioned, besides being a soundtrack this is also a semi-full release by the 80s hard rock “supergroup” Fastway (featuring guitarist ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke from Motorhead and bassist Pete Way from UFO… Get it?). All Music Guide only rates this album at 1 1/2 stars (out of 5)! This I cannot agree with. This album is EASILY at least TWO FREAKIN’ STARS.

True, I wouldn’t say this album is a classic. But it does have that classic 80s hard rock/metal sound. Is that good or bad? To me, that’s good. I actually haven’t listened to a whoe lot other Fastway songs, but they kind remind me of Kix, especially Dave King’s vocals.

My only complaint is that I believe there are a few songs from the movie that aren’t on the soundtrack (Maybe they aren’t Fastway songs..?), one of which is an awesome track from a scene where Marc is in his room listening to music. I can’t confirm it though because I’m too lazy to go look for my copy on DVD.

“Heft’ and ‘If You Could See” were released on previous Fastway albums. Still, this CD (and the movie) can be found for pretty cheap, usually around $5-8, both are definitely worth a look and listen.

Highlights: “Trick Or Treat”, “After Midnight”, “Don’t Stop the Fight”, “Stand Up”, “Tear Down the Walls”, “If You Could See”

THE CROW – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Crow – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1994, Atlantic Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Burn” – The Cure … 6:39
2. “Golgotha Tenement Blues” – Machines Of Loving Grace … 4:01
3. “Big Empty” – Stone Temple Pilots … 4:56
4. “Dead Souls” – Nine Inch Nails … 4:54
5. “Darkness” – Rage Against The Machine … 3:42
6. “Color Me Once” – Violent Femmes … 4:09
7. “Ghostrider” – Rollins Band … 5:46
8. “Milquetoast” – Helmet … 3:59
9. “The Badge” – Pantera … 3:55
10. “Slip Slide Melting” – For Love Not Lisa … 5:48
11. “After The Flesh” – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult … 3:00
12. “Snakedriver” – The Jesus And Mary Chain … 3:42
13. “Time Baby III” – Medicine … 3:52
14. “It Can’t Rain All The Time” – Jane Siberry … 5:35

I don’t know why I own this. I guess it was just me trying new things, even though I wasn’t a fan of grunge/alternative. I took this from my sister’s collection years ago… She never knew it was missing! BWA-HA-HA!

This is a real moody bit of a soundtrack, but that’s appropriate considering the movie it was spawned from. To me, this is pretty much the good, bad, and the ugly of the early 90s alternative scene. STP, The Cure and NIN deliver in spades, but the rest..? Pass. Never could really get into the whole depression rock stuff.

Highlights: “Burn”, “Big Empty”, “Dead Souls”, “It Can’t Rain All The Time”

END OF DAYS – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

End of Days – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Clean Version] (1999, Interscope Records)

Track listing:
1. “Camel Song” performed by Korn … 4:22
2. “So Long” performed by Everlast … 5:00
3. “Slow” performed by Professional Murder Music … 3:58
4. “Crushed” performed by Limp Bizkit … 3:24
5. “Oh My God” performed by Guns N’ Roses … 3:40
6. “Poison” performed by The Prodigy … 6:15
7. “Superbeast (Girl On A Motorcycle mix)” performed by Rob Zombie … 3:52
8. “Bad Influence” performed by Eminem … 3:40
9. “Nobody’s Real” performed by Powerman 5000 … 2:54
10. “I Wish I Had” performed by Stroke … 6:34
11. “Sugar Kane” performed by Sonic Youth … 5:58
12. “Wrong Way” performed by Creed … 4:20

Soundtracks can be a great (and not so great) snapshot of a certain time in music history when said soundtrack is full of contemporary songs & artists. The soundtrack to 1994’s The Crow perfectly captures the grunge & alternative rock scene and End of Days does a fairly good job of showing what rock music was at the turn of the century: rap metal, nu metal, industrial metal and post-grunge rock.

BUT… While the soundtrack covers it’s musical bases just fine, that doesn’t necessarily mean those genres were any good in the first place and that this album is. Okay, okay… I’ll be honest, there’s actually some solid stuff going on here and not your usual soundtrack throwaway filler.

I could mention that, surprisingly, I like the Korn, Limp Bizkit, Creed and Eminem songs, but that’s not what is important about this album. What IS important is that it holds the only officially released single from the mythical Chinese Democracy from Guns N’ Roses. Of course, I’m talking about “Oh My God” which is a loud, aggressive NIN-inspired song that is just awesome and features Axl at his angriest and most sneering. It’s a far way from “November Rain” or “Nightrain”, but so what? Good is good and I love this song and it’s the only reason I bought the soundtrack. At this time though, if Democracy does ever come out, I think it’s probably best to leave this one off the record due to the time that’s elapsed since it’s original release.

In the end (of days), despite the genres involved, this album actually offers up some really great tunes and to this day, it’s an album I’ll occasionally pull out and listen to. Which is a lot more than I can say about the supposed “comeback” the movie was meant to be for Arnie.

And yes, I have the “Clean” version, picking it up at Wal-Mart and not realizing until later that there was an explicit version.

Highlights: “Crushed”, “Oh My God”, “Superbeast [Girl on a Motorcycle Mix]”, “Bad Influence”, “Nobody’s Real”, “I Wish I Had”

OVER THE TOP – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Over The Top – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1987, Columbia Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Winner Takes It All” (Sammy Hagar) … 3:58
2. “In This Country” (Robin Zander) … 4:22
3. “Take It Higher” (Larry Greene) … 3:53
4. “All I Need Is You” (Big Trouble) … 3:57
5. “Bad Nite” (Frank Stallone) … 3:05
6. “Meet Me Half Way” (Kenny Loggins) … 3:39
7. “Gypsy Soul” (Asia) … 3:30
8. “The Fight” (Giorgio Moroder) … 3:56
9. “Mind over Matter” (Larry Greene) … 3:11
10. “I Will Be Strong” (Eddie Money) … 3:18

Produced by: Giorgio Moroder

Enjoyable movie but standard 80s rock/pop soundtrack fare outside of Hagar’s “Winner Takes It All” (which features Edward Van Halen on guitar AND bass). Good song and I hear it just about every night at work.

Sly’s bro, Frank, gets a slot on the soundtrack as well. Hmm… I wonder why?

Highlights: “Winner Takes It All”, “In This Country”, “Meet Me Half Way”

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