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King Lizard – Viva La Decadence

King Lizard – Viva La Decadence (2010, Psycho Devito Records)

1. “Viva La Decadence” … 3:36
2.  “Rain On You” … 4:10
3.  “Rock N’ Roll Me” … 3:09
4. “Hell Yeah” … 3:43
5. “Video Lover” … 3:13
6. “Kan’t Kill Rock N’ Roll” … 3:25
7.  “Never Be Mine” … 6:06
8. “Not For Me” … 5:11
9. “Riot” … 5:20
10. “Taste The Hate” … 2:59
11. “Outrageous” … 3:11
12. “Late Nite Dynamite” … 3:54

Flash Roxx Sawyer – Lead Vocals, Piano
Niro Knox – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alice Rain – Bass, Backing Vocals
Sky London – Drums, Backing Vocals

Producer: King Lizard, Andy Brook and Chris Tsangarides

The modern rival of glam and sleaze metal is still going strong and while Sweden usually is the top exporter of such bands these days, it’s good to see some British bands finally making a splash. London’s King Lizard has been around for a number of years but this is their full full-length album and the first I had heard of the band. When I was first contacted about this band I was immediately sold upon hearing “Viva La Decadence” and seeing the album art! And yes, there is an uncensored version of the album cover and it is spectacular. Easily the best album cover of 2010!

As for the music itself, the band delivers the kind of party rock I enjoy. If you’re not on board by the time the title track is done playing, then you’re not going to get the rest of the album either. “Rain On You” is a great middle-finger song about not letting anyone stop you. “Rock N’ Roll Me” and “Hell Yeah” are both dirty rockers. “Not For Me” is the album’s lone power ballad, it rocks as well just enough so that it doesn’t come off as sappy.

“Riot” I found to be a really good and interesting song on the album due to its unique piano intro. Reminds me of something that you might find on a SIXX A.M. or Avenged Sevenfold album. After the intro, a really cool bass line starts up and the song starts to rock and it’s one of the heavier songs on the album. “Outrageous” and “Late Nite Dynamite” close out the album in a good sleazy fashion.

With contemporary production values and an obvious love for all ’80s rock and metal, King Lizard’s Viva La Decadence is definitely an album worth seeking out.

Highlights: “Rain On You”, “Rock N’ Roll Me”, “Hell Yeah”, “Not For Me”, “Riot”, “Outrageous”, “Late Nite Dynamite”

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