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DAMN YANKEES – Damn Yankees

Damn Yankees – Damn Yankees (1990, Warner Bros. Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Coming of Age” … (4:21)
2. “Bad Reputation” … (4:29)
3. “Runaway” … (4:02)
4. “High Enough” … (4:43)
5. “Damn Yankees” … (4:37)
6. “Come Again” … (5:38)
7. “Mystified” … (4:14)
8. “Rock City” … (4:28)
9. “Tell Me How You Want It” … (4:32)
10. “Piledriver” … (4:18)

Tommy Shaw – Guitar, Vocals
Ted Nugent – Guitar, Vocals
Jack Blades – Bass, Vocals
Michael Cartellone – Drums

Produced by: Ron Nevison

Who doesn’t know “High Enough”? This soaring song was all over radio back in the day and is still the high point of this album for me. As for the rest? Well, you’ve got Ted Nugent, Night Ranger’s Jack Blades and Styx’s Tommy Shaw, so the resulting music is a great piece of melodic hard rock.

It’s actually very interesting to think of Ted in a group like this, so far away from his own solo works (except on “Piledriver”), because Damn Yankees are more in line with the then popular pop metal sound. A harder rocking Night Ranger are essentially what Damn Yankees were.

It’s a shame the band only made one more album together after this, because they were a great band.

Highlights: “Coming of Age”, “Bad Reputation”, “Runaway”, “Damn Yankees”, “Come Again”, “Tell Me How You Want It”

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