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SWEET SYBIL – Sweet Sybil

Sweet Sybil (2010, Eonian Records)

1. “Remember When” … 4:00
2. “#69” … 3:19
3. “Downtown Suicide” … 4:44
4. “Walkin’ Talkin'” … 5:54
5. “Someone In Your Eyes” … 4:29
6. “Jump Back” … 4:55
7. “Burning House” … 4:25
8. “Alone With You” … 4:08
9. “You & I” … 3:42

Sam Carava – Vocals
Mike Parker – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Unger – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jeff Malas – Bass, Backing Vocals
Randy Matthiesen – Drums, Backing Vocals

Producer: Johnny K.

Sweet Sybil are another late ’80s/early ’90s hair band from the Chicago area. The problem with that is that Chicago wasn’t really a hot bed for the glam/hair/sleaze metal scene (if you wanted to succeed, you needed to move to L.A.) and by the late ’80s, the genre was growing tired. According to the album’s liner notes, they were a popular local act that was able to snag “mini-tours” opening for Alice In Chains, Extreme and King’s X.

Though the album’s best moment is the sleaze rockin’ “Downtown Suicide”, the band throws a few curve balls in an attempt to break out from the pack. I guess maybe because the band wasn’t in L.A., they felt no pressure to completely conform to the rules of the genre. While “#69” is a pretty generic song title and makes you think the song is going to be a generic hair rocker, it is not. There’s bunch of horns being used and it’s basically a ska song. I’m not a ska fan but points to Sweet Sybil for trying something different and being a bit ahead of the curve on the ska trend.

The press release hypes this band as bit more “street” than much of then-current rock scene, trying to draw comparisons to Guns N’ Roses and L.A. Guns. There’s some truth to that, they aren’t glammy at all, really and I can hear the sleazy bar band similarities to L.A. Guns.

The first eight tracks were recorded from 1991-1992 but the last track, “You & I” was recorded in 2009. It’s a pretty good acoustic number that fits in pretty well with the rest of these songs and just goes to prove what I’ve always said — it’s great Eonian is (re)releasing old music from these bands but I would also like to see them help these bands put NEW music out as well.

This is a typically solid Eonian release that hardcore fans of the hair genre should be able to appreciate.

Highlights: “Remember When”, “Downtown Suicide”, “Walkin’ Talkin'”, “Burning House”

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