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GLENN TIPTON – Baptizm of Fire

Glenn Tipton – Baptizm of Fire (1997, Atlantic Records; 2006, Rhino Records)

Track Listing:
1.  “Hard Core” … 4:41
2.  “Paint It Black” … 2:52
3.  “Enter the Storm” … 5:57
4.  “Fuel Me Up” … 3:03
5.  “Extinct” … 5:34
6.  “Baptizm of Fire” … 5:17
7.  “The Healer” … 4:58
8.  “Cruise Control” … 4:07
9.  “Kill or Be Killed” … 3:22
10.  “Voodoo Brother” … 5:33
11.  “Left for Dead” … 3:40
12. “Himalaya” … 7:41
13. “New Breed” … 5:24

Glenn Tipton – Vocals, Guitar

Additional Musicians:
Robert Trujillo – Bass (“Hard Core”, “Paint It Black”, “Voodoo Brother”)
C.J. de Villar – Bass (“Enter the Storm”, “Fuel Me Up”, “Cruise Control”, “Kill or Be Killed”, “Left for Dead”)
Billy Sheehan – Bass (“Extinct”, “Baptizm of Fire”)
John Entwistle – Bass (“The Healer”)
Brooks Wackerman – Drums (“Hard Core”, “Paint It Black”, “Voodoo Brother”)
Shannon Larkin – Drums (“Enter the Storm”, “Fuel Me Up”, “Cruise Control”, “Kill or Be Killed”, “Left for Dead”)
Cozy Powell – Drums (“Extinct”, “Baptizm of Fire”, “The Healer”)
Don Airey – Keyboards (“Baptizm of Fire”)
Whitfield Crane – Backing Vocals (“Voodoo Brother”)

Produced by: Mark Dodson

The 2006 Rhino reissue with bonus tracks is the version I own.

This album was recorded between 1994 and 1996 and sports a pretty updated metal sound right in line for the time it was released — 1997. I’m surprised by how many songs have stuck with me through the few times I listened to this album. Listening back to this I’m going, “Oh yeah! I remember this song!”.

Tipton is really showing himself here as a great vocalist showing a lot of different styles. The album is definitely metal, but album covers many subgenres such as punk, alternative and thrash but it still manages to sound Priest-like at times. But to say this is a Priest-wannabe doesn’t do the album justice. Baptizm of Fire stands on it’s own as a good heavy metal album by one of metal’s best songwriters. Definitely worth a look for Priest fans and metal fans in general.

I have to point out that “Extinct” is an especially cool song that sounds like it would be a perfect fit on the soundtrack to The Crow (which I loved).

Highlights: “Hard Core”, “Paint It Black”, “Extinct”, “Baptizm of Fire”, “The Healer”, “Left For Dead”, “Himalaya”

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