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Joe Elliott’s Down ‘n’ Outz – My ReGeneration Vol. 1

Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz – My ReGeneration Vol. 1 (2010, Future Publishing)

1. “Golden Opportunity” … 4:34
2. “Storm” … 5:55
3. “Overnight Angels” … 5:08
4. “Career (No Such Thing As Rock ‘N’ Roll)” … 5:15
5. “England Rocks” … 2:51
6. “Shouting and Pointing” … 4:31
7. “By Tonight” … 3:42
8. “Who Do You Love” … 3:52
9. “One More Chance to Run” … 3:40
10. “Good Times” … 3:57

Joe Elliott – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Percussion
Paul Guerin – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Guy Griffin – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ronnie Garrity – Bass
Phil Martin – Drums, Backing Vocals
Keith Weir – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Producer: Joe Elliott & Ronan McHugh

My copy of this album was the free CD insert that came in an issue of Classic Rock magazine. The CD is in a cardboard sleeve and features 10 of the 13 songs featured on the retail copy of the album. Pretty good deal I think! Not that I was planning on buying this album anyway but I definitely wouldn’t spend $15 on the full CD just for three more songs.

Still, I’m really liking this CD. The fact that Joe Elliott would decide to do a Mott the Hoople-related cover album (it also covers work from Ian Hunter’s solo career and British Lions), is no surprise if you’ve been paying attention to Def Leppard in the last 10 years. Joe has really been leading the charge for the band embrace a 70s glam rock sound as evidenced with their love letter to glam rock, their 2006 cover album Yeah!, and 2008’s Songs from the Sparkle Lounge.

You know, I’m enjoying these songs so much I’m actually considering checking out a few Mott albums. I love ’80s glam metal but ’70s glam rock I’ve always been iffy on (they are two totally different beasts after all). 70s glam has always seemed too drugged out and spaced out for me, the genre always makes me think of Bowie, but the first four songs on this album are absolutely awesome. The whole album is enjoyable except for one song — “England Rocks” which is a remake of “Cleveland Rocks”. I don’t like the original and I don’t like the remake.

For anyone that wasn’t lucky enough to get this free complimentary Classic Rock version, you’d be doing yourself a service to score the “expanded” retail version. So I ended up liking a free album that I was never going to buy on my own. See? Giving stuff away sometimes work because I’d definitely be interested in a “Volume 2” from the Down ‘n’ Outz and now I want to hear more music from the original artists!

Highlights: “Golden Opportunity”, “Storm”, “Overnight Angels”, “Career (No Such Thing As Rock ‘N’ Roll)”, “One More Chance to Run”

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