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More Great Sleazy Metal Album Covers

The second Great Sleazy Metal Album Covers post from my Metal Misfit blog…

I’m back… I’m back for more! Since Great Sleazy Metal Album Covers was such a success, and I had fun doing it (admittedly, looking at the actual album covers themselves), I’ve since gathered enough AMMUNITION to FIRE away my BIG GUN and bring you…

More Great Sleazy Metal Album Covers

This time it’s extra LONG & WIDE for your pleasure.

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Great Sleazy Metal Album Covers

This was a post I did awhile back on my Metal Misfit pop culture blog. To this day, that article sees lots of hits, so since I plan on continuing this feature on THIS blog, I figured it’d be nice to post the original here.

Hair metal. Sleaze metal. Glam metal. Pop-metal. Whatever. It was a glorious time to be a young man when this music ruled the airways and MTV. It was nothing but sex, drugs, and rock & roll during this era, and that was just in Corporate America! So imagine, if you will, the hedonism that was explored to its fullest glory by the Gods of Hair. It blows your mind, doesn’t it? Yeah well, they got dibs first.

In rock & roll, you read a book by its cover. The image is every bit as important the music. Hey, the truth hurts. And what was the image of the day? The image of the day was tight clothes, misogynistic lyrics, and flat out debauchery. Music videos sold albums (or if you want to sound like a fancy record exec, you can say they “shifted units”, and if you do say that, you might very well be qualified to write lyrics for some of these bands), as did album covers themselves. So, let’s take a look at some inspired sleazy album covers from the decade of excess…

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