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SAIGON KICK – The Lizard

Saigon Kick – The Lizard (1992, Atlantic Records/Third Stone Records)

1. “Cruelty” … 2:41
2.” Hostile Youth” … 3:18
3. “Feel The Same Way” … 2:43
4. “Freedom” … 4:13
5. “God Of 42nd Street” … 4:00
6. “My Dog” … :52
7. “Peppermint Tribe” … 4:53
8. “Love Is On The Way” … 4:24
9. “The Lizard” … 4:02
10. “All Alright” … 3:55
11. “Sleep” … 1:01
12. “All I Want” … 3:45
13. “Body Bags” … 3:22
14. “Miss Jones” … 2:39
15. “World Goes Round” … 4:55
16. “Chanel” … 2:46

Matt Kramer – Lead Vocals
Jason Bieler – Guitar
Tom Defile – Bass
Phil Varone – Drums

Produced by: Jason Bieler

Often wrongfully labeled as a “hair metal band” because of the power ballad “Love Is On The Way”, Saigon Kick is really more of a pop metal/alternative rock hybrid. Trying to do both things at once. How savvy of them! Or schizophrenic.

“Love Is On The Way” is one of the greatest hair ballads of all-time, but songs like “Freedom” and “My Dog” are pure alternative metal. This genre jumping makes the album very hit or miss… mostly miss. A few songs are really catchy (“Feel The Same Way” and “Love Is On The Way”), but so much of the rest is alternative garbage to my ears or plain weird (“Chanel”).

I’d say this album is for hardcore Saigon Kick fans only, but how can a band have a hardcore fan base at all when the band itself isn’t even sure what they are? Just stick to any of the hundreds of hair metal compilations that feature “Love is on the Way” and leave the rest alone. I wish I did, I bought this used about 10 years ago and regretted it.

Highlights: “Cruelty”, “Feel The Same Way”, “Peppermint Tribe”, “Love Is On The Way” (Matt Kramer’s Saigon Kick Webpage)

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