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SGT. ROXX – Weapon of Miss Distraction

Sgt. Roxx – Weapon of Miss Distraction (2009, Eonian Records)

1. “All You Need” … 3:20
2. “Why’d You Lie” … 3:28
3. “Movin’ On” … 4:06
4. “Push & Squeeze” … 3:48
5. “Million Dollar Girls” … 3:56
6. “Wrap Yourself” … 4:22
7. “Don’t Cry” … 4:26
8. “Rockin’ Horse” … 4:14
9. “Decisions” … 4:37
10. “Alright” … 5:31
11. “Without You” … 3:20
12. “Thinkin’ of You” … 4:29
13. “Ransom” … 2:41
14. “(Don’t Do) What Your Mama Sayz” … 3:37
15. “4th Time Out” … 4:57
16. “I Don’t Know” … 4:36
17. “Psycho In The House (live)” … 4:31
18. “My Lady (live)” … 4:08
19. “Bread & Water” … 4:37

Jack Adams – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Rob Briles – Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bob O’Connor – Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals (Tracks 1-5, 11-16)
Scott “Grover” Weatherspoon – Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals (Tracks 6-10, 17-19)
Darrin Laszlo – Bass, Backing Vocals
Kevin Cora – Drums, Backing Vocals (Tracks 6-10, 17-19)
Scott Wilson – Drums (Tracks 1-5)
Gabriel “Gabie” Anthony – Drums (Track 11-16)

Sgt. Roxx are a Chicago-based melodic hard rock outfit that was active in the early ’90s. Though they never had a major label deal, there were able to release an EP called Push N Squeeze, which apparently has gone for big bucks on eBay. I couldn’t find a listing for it though… Maybe the few copies that exist have all found happy homes or maybe people just aren’t interested now that they can own the full EP plus tons of more songs on this remastered collection of songs recorded by the band from 1990-1994. Can you imagine shelling out $200 or so for the EP then finding out a few months later that that EP and so much more was getting a proper CD release? OUCH!

But let’s get to the music — it’s enjoyable, but nothing earth-shaking. Sgt. Roxx definitely treads on the lighter side of hair metal (though there is a slight Ratt influence) on the first half of the disc. They aren’t as slick & poppy as Danger Danger or Enuff Z’nuff, but I am constantly reminded of those two bands throughout that first half because the rockers just fall short. I have to admit, they do have a knack for writing ballads. “Movin’ On” and “Don’t Cry” are worthy additions to power ballad compilation.

When the band finally does muster up some quality hard rock, sometimes the lyrics themselves fall flat. On “Alright” we have a pretty good rocker but then one of main lyrics is “would it be alright if I made love to you?” What kind of lyric is that for a hair metal song ?! You don’t ask! You say you’re going to do it and that you’re going to be the best she’s ever had! Don’t be so sheepish!

What’s funny is once we get to the later songs, despite being recorded in 1994 when grunge and alternative was all the rage, you get to hear Sgt. Roxx digging their heels into glam metal and cranking out some really cool hard rockers like “Ransom” and “(Don’t Do) What Your Mama Sayz”.

Overall, the album is a mixed bag. First handful of songs are light, the ballads are good and second half really rocks like hair metal bands should (despite the less than perfect audio quality). Definitely worth looking into for anyone tired of pulling out their old Cinderalla, Poison or Ratt albums for millionth time.

Highlights: “All You Need”, “Movin’ On”, “Don’t Cry”, “Thinkin’ of You”, “Ransom”, “(Don’t Do) What Your Mama Sayz”, “I Don’t Know”

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