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FireHouse – FireHouse (1990, Epic Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Rock on the Radio” … 4:46
2. “All She Wrote” … 4:27
3. “Shake & Tumble” … 3:30
4. “Don’t Treat Me Bad” … 3:55
5. “Oughta Be a Law” … 3:54
6. “Lover’s Lane” … 4:02
7. “Home Is Where the Heart Is” … 4:48
8. “Don’t Walk Away” Leverty, Snare 4:31
9. “Seasons of Change” … 1:29
10. “Overnight Sensation” … 3:56
11. “Love of a Lifetime” … 4:46
12. “Helpless” … 4:25

C.J. Snare – Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Bill Leverty – Guitar, Background Vocals
Perry Richardson – Bass, Background Vocals
Michael Foster – Drums, Background Vocals

Produced by: David Prater

I acquired this CD from a friend by giving him Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over CD. I was hopped up on hair metal and power ballads at the time and despite loving Hell Freezes Over, I felt this was the better trade. I would end up regretting it for some time afterwards, but this is actually a great slice of commercial 80s (yes, I know it was released in ’90) hard rock.

The band is obviously channeling Def Leppard on the album’s opener, “Rock on the Radio”. Not there’s anything wrong with it because it’s a really strong song. Of course, this album also ensured royalties for the band for life because it features one of the essential power ballads, “Love of a Lifetime”, which has shown up on many hair metal compilations since then. It even gets play at night over the sound system where I work for all of our wonderful customers to enjoy.

All in all, a good album/debut for FireHouse and I’m glad I dusted it off and gave it a spin. At times, CJ’s voice reminds me of Vince Neil. I’ve never bothered to pick any of their other albums up. Perhaps I should.

Fun Fact: FireHouse beat out Nirvana & Alice In Chains in the Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist category at the 1992 American Music Awards.

Highlights: “Rock on the Radio”, “All She Wrote”, “Don’t Treat Me Bad”, “Oughta Be A Law”, “Lover’s Lane”,  “Home Is Where The Heart Is”, “Love of A Lifetime”, “Helpless”

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