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MAMA KIN – In The City

Mama Kin – In The City (2010, Jamsync Music/Leon Music)

1. “Badge And A Gun” … 3:40
2. “In The City” … 3:10
3. “You Belong To Me” … 4:06
4. “Mrs. Operator” … 3:12
5. “Higher & Higher” … 4:53
6. “Too Much” … 3:34
7. “Fortune & Fame” … 3:00
8. “Superman” … 4:32
9. “You” … 3:20
10. “Champagne, Chicks & Rock N’ Roll” … 2:28

Ward – Vocals, Guitar
Elias – Guitar
Jon – Bass
Edwin – Drums

Mama Kin is yet another hard rock band from Sweden that is fixated on the 1980s Sunset Strip sound. Coming from me, this isn’t a complain though. I mean, how can you not give a band that calls upon KISS, Def Leppard and Ratt as influences a chance? I’ll assume Aerosmith is an influence too.

Originally released in 2009 in Sweden, In The City is hooky hard rock with a classic rock/glam appeal and modern production. A good point of comparison I think is Hinder but Mama Kin doesn’t have that post-grunge/alternative sound to them that some Hinder sometimes employs. Ward’s vocals even sound similar to the singer from Hinder but I also hear bits of Paul Stanley.

The production is too modern for Mama Kind to be considered another ’80s retro band, they’ve found a very pleasant middle ground in-between yesterday and today. Basically, they’re a band that wouldn’t sound out of place getting mainstream airplay but would still appeal to fans of ’80s hard rock. The band gets right to the point with their songs and offers little time to breath with most of these songs around the three-minute mark.

The whole album is full of sing-along choruses that should come off great in a live setting. I actually had the opportunity to see this band play live here in town recently (along with Asphalt Valentine and Modern Superstar on the “Summer of Sin” tour) but due to commitments at my new job I wasn’t able to go. Bummer.

Mama Kin is a band to keep an eye on and have a great fun catchy hard rock sound that is worth checking out.

Highlights: “Badge And A Gun”, “Too Much”, “Higher & Higher”, “Superman”, “Champagne, Chicks & Rock ‘N’ Roll”

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