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GALLOWS END – Nemesis Divine

Gallows End – Nemesis Divine (2010, Farvahar Records)

1. “Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)” … 4:41
2. “Soul Collector” … 3:30
3. “Kingdom of the Damned” … 3:52
4. “No Return” … 5:07
5. “The Curse” … 5:30
6. “Set the World In Flames” … 3:28
7. “Not Your Own” … 5:46
8. “Different Eyes” … 3:48
9. “The End” … 3:14
10. “The Unborn Flag” … 4:31
11. “Storm of Fate” … 5:17
12. “Riders of the North” … 10:22

Thord Klarstrom – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Peter Samuelsson – Guitar
Niklas Nord – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mikael Karlsson – Drums

Producer: Gallows End

Gallows End are a Swedish metal band that play “pure fucking heavy metal” according to their website. Can’t argue with that! This is balls to the wall heavy metal done in the traditional ’80s style with the usual inspirations (Maiden, Priest, Saxon, Accept, etc). Does Gallows End break new ground? No, but new ground doesn’t necessarily need to be broken in order to create quality music.

There’s a number of catchy songs here like the opening track (which has a spoken word intro, which is an old ’80s heavy metal trick) and “Kingdom of the Damned” features a chorus that most males probably can relate to when it comes to being wronged by a woman! Even though the song is not really about that, how often have we considered an ex of ours to be a “queen of the damned” or a “lady of the night”? “The End” is another album highlight which features a great solo.

All told, this is an album and a band that do not concern themselves with trends. The heavy metal heard here is in the classic metal mold with enough melody and blazing guitars to keep any one with old school tastes interested! They just need to snag an opening slot on Maiden or Priest tour and they’ll be golden!

And wow, what an album cover! I LOVE it! It’s so cool I’m actually using it as wallpaper on my computer right now. The artist is J.P. Fournier, who has supplied art for Edguy, Avantasia and DragonForce amongst others.

Highlights: “Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)”, “Kingdom of the Damned”, “No Return”, “Set the World In Flames”, “The End”, “Storm of Fate”

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