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Tara’s Secret – Vertigo (2009, Blackcat Music)

1. “Rock ‘n Roll Beauty Queen” … 5:32
2. “She’s My Baby” … 4:31
3. “Natural High (Rain Of Love)” … 4:58
4. “The Last 2 Know” … 4:58
5. “Promises” … 4:53
6. “Vertigo” … 5:27
7. “One More Chance” … 3:31
8. “My Reward” … 5:00
9. “Shake What Your Mamma Gave Ya!” … 5:19
10. “Homeland” … 5:43
11. “GTBR” … 4:51
12. “Wildest Dreams” … 3:40

Johnny Trowbridge – Lead Vocals
Richard Beardsley – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Craig Chapman – Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dave Deaville – Bass, Backing Vocals, Piano
John Thomas – Drums, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Sue Willetts – Vocals (“The Last 2 Know”)
Adrian Marx – Vocals (“Shake What Your Mamma Gave Ya!”)

Judging this band by their name and the album cover, I was expecting pure AOR keyboard-heavy cheese and just another group aspiring to emulate Journey. Luckily, this is not the case. There’s no denying this is a slick, commercial melodic rock album and it is obvious the band is influenced by the ’80s AOR scene but they have a bluesy beefy hard rock sound that most melodic rock bands don’t have. Basically all feedback I’ve read for this album mentions that Tara’s Secrets has much in common with Gotthard, Thunder and Whitesnake. As little as I’ve heard of them I still get the Gotthard and Thunder connection but I think a Whitesnake comparison is really pushing it. This band isn’t that bluesy.

Most melodic groups bog their albums down with ballads and thankfully Tara’s Secret does not fall into that trap. There are only two ballads here (“The Last 2 Know” and “One More Chance”) and that is a perfectly acceptable number in my book. I love ballads but if you’re doing more than two on an album, unless they are truly amazing, you’re going to lose me. If I wanted an album full of ballads I’d buy some old crooner records. “The Last 2 Know” is a pretty good ballad but it isn’t really a highlight for me. The best stuff is the harder rockin’ stuff like “Rock ‘n Roll Beauty Queen”, “GTBR” and “Wildest Dreams”.

Combining hard rock and AOR, Vertigo is a solid effort that won’t knock anyone’s sock off. For the most part it avoids sinking too deep into a vat of melodic cheese and had enough “oomph” to keep me interested.

Highlights: “Rock ‘n Roll Beauty Queen”, “Natural High (Rain Of Love)”, “Vertigo”, “My Reward”, “GTBR”, “Wildest Dreams”

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