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Resurrection Kings [Album Review]


Resurrection Kings
2016, Frontiers Records

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1. Distant Prayer
2. Livin’ Out Loud
3. Wash Away
4. Who Did You Run To
5. Fallin’ for You
6. Never Say Goodbye
7. Path of Love
8. Had Enough
9. Don’t Have to Fight No More
10. Silent Wonder
11. What You Take

Chas West – Vocals
Craig Goldy – Guitar
Sean McNabb – Bass
Vinny Appice – Drums

Producer: Alessandro Del Vecchio

Resurrection Kings is another super-group project put together under the direction of melodic rock label Frontiers Records. The project built its foundation around a demo from guitarist Craig Goldy and vocalist Chas West. I’m not that familiar with West, but he’s been around the scene for awhile having sung in Jason Bonham’s band in the mid ’90s and a brief stint in Lynch Mob a few years ago. Obviously, Craig Goldy is known for his work in Dio (and Giuffria). Brought in to round out this group were Goldy’s former Dio bandmate Vinny Appice and bassist Sean McNabb (who has made his way around a number of classic hard rock bands like Quiet Riot, Dokken, Great White, and House of Lords).

This album is completely done in the style of ’80s melodic hard rock. I’ve seen some comparisons to Dio’s Dream Evil record, but what really springs to mind is Whitesnake at their commercial peak. In fact, Chas West at times sounds similar to David Coverdale and a number of songs on this album could easily have found a place on Whitesnake’s self-titled release from 1987 or Slip of the Tongue. “Livin’ Out Loud” definitely sounds like late ’80s Whitesnake just as “Never Say Goodbye” has a strong Whitesnake vibe as well.

This is a solid album of the type of slick commercial hard rock you would’ve heard in the 1980s and there is nothing wrong with that. Given the Dio connection, you’d think this album would be a bit gloomier and heavier but it focuses on a much more polished and melodic sound.

Highlights: “Livin’ Out Loud”, “Wash Away”, “Who Did You Run To”, “Fallin’ For You”, “Never Say Goodbye”, “Had Enough”

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