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SIDEBURN – Cherry Red

Sideburn – Cherry Red (2008)

Track Listing:
1. “Gimme the Way” … 3:02
2. “Hurricane Race” … 3:36
3. “Six Feet Under” … 4:05
4. “Cherry Red” … 3:04
5. “Lane” … 4:17
6. “Rock and Roll Queen” … 3:37
7. “Down and Dirty” … 3:40
8. “Bring the Hammer Down” … 4:03
9. “Ghost of 1980 (to Bon Scott)” … 5:03
10. “Lipstick Lady” … 3:57
11. “Wild Boy” … 3:12
12. “Stand Your Ground” … 3:55

Roland Pierrehumbert – Lead Vocals, Harp
Fred Gudit – Guitar
Boris – Guitar
Michel Demierre – Bass
Lionel Blanc – Drums

Produced by: Sideburn & Juerg Naegeli

Sometimes I wonder if the Swiss are the last people in the world that understand good time rock ‘n’ roll. In truth, Sideburn have been doing their thing since the early 90s, but it was this release that drew my attention after coming across the band’s page on MySpace.

The album is quite enjoyable. A solid mix of sleazy, bluesy hard rock that is reminiscent of AC/DC and Krokus. At times, I also find Roland’s vocals to be similar to Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy. This is definitely a consistently fun rocker of an album all the way through that should appeal to fans of AC/DC.

Highlights: “Gimme the Way”, “Hurricane Race”, “Rock & Roll Queen”, “Down and Dirty”, “Bring the Hammer Down”, “Stand Your Ground”

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