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Hair of the Dog – Rise (2000, Spitfire Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Rise” … 2:46
2. “Five to Nine” … 3:39
3. “Color Me Fire” … 4:37
4. “You Are the One” … 4:15
5. “Mokur Jahoobees” … 3:17
6. “I Can’t Fight You” … 4:57
7. “Rescue Me” … 5:04
8. “Bum Jenkins” … :43
9. “Twice” … 3:05
10. “The Almighty Strut” … 2:54
11. “Sometimes Is Enough” … 4:40
12. “Hammered” … 3:17
13. “I” … 5:34

Ryan Cook – Vocals, Guitar
John A. Sepetys – Guitar
Boot – Bass
Mike Dupke – Drums

Produced by: Michael Wagener

Ah, Spitfire Records. A temporary safehaven for many 80s & 80s influenced rock acts.

A solid release that I picked up thanks to a positive review from Metal Sludge back in the day. The standout track to me is their cover of KISS’ “I”, which also turns into a medley of KISS songs. Other than that, it’s just workman-like hard rock with an 80s-tinge to it, which isn’t surprising considering who produced it. I think it was Sepetys who had health problems and had to leave the band which kinda derailed them and the small buzz this album got. This was their 2nd album and they released a 3rd in ’01, but I think that was an extremely limited release and they haven’t done anything since.

Highlights: “Rise”, “Color Me Fire”, “You Are the One”,  “I Can’t Fight You”, “The Almighty Strut”, “I” (not sure if this is legit, but we’ll give it a shot)
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