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AMERICAN PEARL – American Pearl

American Pearl – American Pearl (2000, Wind-Up Records)

Track List:
1. “California” … 3:31
2. “Automatic” … 3:24
3. “Giveaway” … 3:03
4. “Underground” … 4:56
5. “Free Your Mind” … 3:24
6. “Truth” … 3:36
7. “Bleed” … 4:08
8. “Seven Years” … 4:28
9. “Revelation” … 3:08
10. “Amphetamine”… 3:43
11. “If We Were Kings” … 3:56

Kevin Roenten – Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Quinn – Guitar
Rodney Rocha – Bass
Noah Shain – Drums

Produced by: Steve Jones, Mudrock

The year 2000 was a pretty dismal looking place when it came to new rock acts. Nu-metal and “post grunge” lames like Creed were running radio. But at least, for one short moment, the world had American Pearl. Yeah, they didn’t get any radio play, but they looked good and sounded good. The album is enjoyable upbeat melodic hard rock that was definitely influenced by 70s hard rock but with a bit of a L.A. strip twist. American Pearl didn’t really sound like anyone else at the time and that was a great thing. I’ll still pull this album out and listen to it every now and then. It’s a fun and positive record. Too bad they didn’t stick around.

Funny enough, they were on the Wind-Up label, the very same label that was the home of Creed.

Highlights: “California”, “Underground”, “Free Your Mind”, “Truth”, “Seven Years”, “Amphetamine”, “If We Were Kings”

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