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Striker – Stand In the Fire [Album Review]


Striker – Stand In the Fire
2016, Record Breaking Records

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1. Phoenix Lights
2. Out for Blood
3. Too Late
4. Stand in the Fire
5. The Iron Never Lies
6. Escape from Shred City
7. Outlaw
8. Locked In
9. United
10. Better Times
11. One Life

Dan Cleary – Vocals
Timothy Brown – Guitars
Wild Bill  – Bass
Trent “The Quantum Villain” Halliwell – Guitar
Adam Brown – Drums

Striker is an old school-styled power metal/heavy metal outfit based out of Canada. I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile. It just so happens that Stand In the Fire was recently released so I figured I might as well start with the latest & greatest.

I remember reading about the band and I remember the album art on Eyes In the Night when it was a new release but I don’t believe I ever listened to them until recently. Like many fan of classic metal, I quickly latched onto the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal bands that started picking up steam a few years ago. However, while I enjoyed the style of music, I started to think that many of the bands were pretty generic and forgettable. So I pulled back from following that scene. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve slowly started to give it another go.

What’s great about Stand In the Fire (other than the cover art which is now the wallpaper on my PC), is that they don’t forget about melody or sing along choruses. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t pop-metal, but Striker knows how to write complete songs. “Too Late” and “The Iron Never Lies” are both heavy yet catchy and feature a big choruses that will stick in your head. The instrumental (and awesomely-named) “Escape from Shred City” sounds exactly like you think it would given its name.

This album is memorable and anthemic heavy metal platter that will leave you and wanting more and Striker must be doing something right — they got to open for Metallica in their hometown of Edmonton, Ontario! Definitely going to be check out the band’s previous albums now.

Highlights: “Too Late”, “The Iron Never Lies”, “Escape from Shred City”, “Outlaw”, “One Life”

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