Steel Panther – Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage [Album Review]


Steel Panther – Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage
2016, Open E Music

1. Show Intro/Say Yeah!
2. Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World
3. Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
4. If You Really, Really Love Me
5. Gloryhole
6. Bukkake Tears
7. The Burden of Being Wonderful
8. Weenie Ride
9. That’s When You Came In
10. Michael Don’t Know
11. Community Property
12. Grindy and Sexy
13. Death to All But Metal

Ralph “Michael Starr” Saenz – Lead Vocals
Russ “Satchel” Parrish – Guitar
Travis “Lexxi Foxx” Haley – Bass
Darren “Stix Zadinia” Leader – Drums

With Steel Panther originally gaining buzz on the L.A. club scene as a hair metal cover band, it’s only natural to see them release a live album (a live DVD filmed in England had previously been released). The only question is: What took them so long?

It’s not surprising that the band would stick only to original songs but I found it interesting that the band chose to make this a stripped down acoustic/electric performance in a small setting with a female-only crowd. But then I guess that’s the joke, isn’t it? Lame brain sexist hair metal pigs posing as romantics. Like the old Monster Ballads commercial used to say, “every bad boy has a soft side” (or at least he pretends he does in order to get laid). I mean, what girl won’t soak her panties when listening to the acoustic versions of “Fat Girl” or “Community Property”?

There’s a few irrelevant short tracks that feature the band bantering, but what you’re left with is ten excellent tracks that show this band is just as awesome acoustically as they are in “plugged in” setting. Ralph Saenz has to be one of the best hair metal singers ever and Russ Parrish is incredibly underrated as a guitarist, IMO.

The band debuts one new track, “That’s When You Came In”. A very heartfelt ballad that I hope makes it to the new studio album.

For anyone that doesn’t like Steel Panther’s shtick, Live at Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage isn’t going to change their mind. As someone who is already a fan, I’m digging these stripped down tracks.

And, yes, that’s Bobbi Brown posing as Lexxi’s mom on the album cover.

Highlights: “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World”, “Bukkake Tears”, “The Burden of Being Wonderful”, “Community Property”, “Death to All But Metal”

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  1. This album has to be good just because of the front cover. I am not really into glam/Steel Panther but I have to admit that they are doing a pretty good job.

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