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Electric Light Orchestra – Alone in the Universe [Album Review]


Electric Light Orchestra – Alone in the Universe
2015, Columbia Records

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1. When I Was a Boy
2. Love and Rain
3. Dirty to the Bone
4. When the Night Comes
5. The Sun Will Shine on You
6. Ain’t It a Drag
7. All My Life
8. I’m Leaving You
9. One Step at a Time
10. Alone in the Universe

Jeff Lynne – Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards
Steve Jay – Shaker, tambourine

Producer: Jeff Lynne

I got into Electric Light Orchestra a few years ago, usually finding myself listening to them late at night during a melancholy time of my life. I even got around to picking up a few old vinyl copies of some of their albums last year. I’m not a hardcore fan, because I really have to be in the mood to listen to them, but I do consider myself to be a casual fan.

Knowing that Alone in the Universe was to be the band’s, er… Lynne’s first new album in 14 years, I was anxious to hear what he had cooked up. And the result? It sounds just like the ELO albums of old. I don’t know, but when I hear ELO, I’m taken away to some trippy magical distant place. It’s hard to explain. ELO isn’t my favorite band, but the ELO sound (including Jeff’s voice) takes me to places that no other group does.

The best of Alone in the Universe provides me with the same exact feelings that the best A New World RecordOut of the Blue, and Eldorado do. This album fit in perfectly with those. It’s a fine addition to the ELO catalog.

Highlights: “When I Was A Boy”, “Love and Rain”, “Dirty to the Bone”, “I’m Leaving You”, “Alone in the Universe”

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