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IOMMI – The 1996 DEP Sessions

Iommi with Glenn Hughes – The 1996 DEP Sessions (2004, Sanctuary Records)

1. “Gone” … 4:29
2. “From Another World” … 5:56
3. “Don’t You Tell Me” … 4:14
4. “Don’t Drag the River” … 4:34
5. “Fine” … 5:05
6. “Time Is the Healer” … 4:16
7. “I’m Not the Same Man” … 4:21
8. “It Falls Through Me” … 4:46

Glenn Hughes – Vocals, Bass
Tony Iommi – Lead Guitar
Jimmy Copley – Drums
Don Airey – Keyboards
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards
Mike Exeter – Keyboards

Producer: Tony Iommi

Being a huge fan of the previous Iommi/Hughes collaboration (Black Sabbath’s Seventh Star way back in 1986), I was pretty excited once I got around to ordering this album. I wasn’t expecting anything similar to that release (even though this album features three-fifths of the players on that album) because Seventh Star was a very ’80s sounding release, but I was hoping for something with a similar AOR quality.

Instead, The 1996 DEP Sessions gives us a slow burning, heavier and sometimes melancholy blues vibe. I had to listen to this album a number of times before I could even pick out a few songs I liked. I didn’t hate it when I first heard it, but nothing grabbed my attention. I would’ve preferred a few faster songs as most of this album seems to stomp and plod around.

The riffs are heavier, getting this Iommi/Hughes album closer to what people would expect from Black Sabbath and “Time Is the Healer” is about as close as you can get. On the other side of the coin, “It Falls Through Me” comes closest to Seventh Sign.

A little back story, as you could probably tell by the title this was not new music when released in 2004. The songs were recorded back in ’96 but the project was shelved once the Ozzy Sabbath reunion took off. The drums were re-recorded in 2004 by Jimmy Copley because original drummer Dave Holland (ex-Judas Priest) was convicted of attempted rape and several indecent acts with a mentally challenged teenage boy in that same year. Rightfully, Iommi and Hughes wanted to disassociate themselves from that piece of garbage. Before this release, bootlegs were available featuring Holland on the drums. The name of the bootleg? Eighth Star!

Overall, this is good album, but there’s nothing essential here so I would recommend it only to Sabbath and Hughes diehards.

Highlights: “From Another World”, “Don’t You Tell Me”, “Fine”, “Time Is the Healer”, “It Falls Through Me”

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