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Skull Fist – Heavier Than Metal

Skull Fist – Heavier Than Metal (2010, self-released)

1. “Sign Of The Warrior” … 4:56
2. “Heavier Than Metal” … 3:40
3. “Blackout” … 4:46
4. “Ride The Beast” … 3:36
5. “No False Metal” … 4:39

Jackie Slaughter – Vocals, Guitar
Sir Shred – Guitar
Johnny Exciter – Bass
Allison Thunderland – Drums

Canada’s Skull Fist is an old school metal outfit that I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile. I came across some positive reviews for this EP months ago and was lucky enough that the band passed along a copy to me. They play straight up ’80s style traditional heavy metal with helium vocals, speedy songs and a love for all things metal!

“Sign Of The Warrior” and “Heavier Than Metal” a great combo to kick off the EP. Both display the fury of guitars and drums perfectly along with Jackie Slaughter’s piercing vocals and are a great introduction to Skull Fist. I mean, if you don’t get where this band is coming from with a song like “Heavier Than Metal”, get outta here! “Blackout” is not the Scorpions song (which would’ve been really cool) but an original and easily my favorite track on the album I love the final minutes of the album, it feature some great guitar work. “Ride The Beast” is another highlight and “No False Metal” sounds like a Manowar song but it’s not quite as cheesy. You’ll be singing “NO FALSE METAL!!” along with Slaughter in no time!

This EP shows a lot of promise for this band which I honestly believe could be the cream of the crop in regards to the retro-metal movement (yes, even more so than the much-praised White Wizzard), taking their place right alongside Blacktide. I really hope they get the opportunity to get into a studio and record a full album, I am very interested in listening to anything else they come up with.

Highlights: “Blackout”, “Ride The Beast”, “No False Metal”

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