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Cauldron – Burning Fortune

Cauldron – Burning Fortune (2010, Earache Records)

1. All Or Nothing … 3:55
2. Miss You To Death … 3:43
3. Frozen In Fire … 4:20
4. Tears Have Come … 4:24
5. I Confess … 3:13
6. Rapid City/Unchained Assault … 4:39
7. Queen Of Fire … 4:21
8. Breaking Through … 4:56
9. Taken By Desire … 4:53

Jason Decay – Vocals, Bass
Ian Chains – Guitar
Chris Steve – Drums

Producer: Jameson Ellison

The biggest gripe I still have about this band is Jason Decay’s vocals. He just doesn’t have the vocal power or charisma to really do the music justice. That is a shame because I think Burning Fortune is quite an improvement over the acceptable but kinda boring Chained To The Nite. I know I’m not the only person saying this either so someone in Camp Cauldron needs to step up and admit it’s time for a new vocalist (and maybe even time to add a 2nd guitar player). From what I understand, this is Decay’s baby, so it’s not like I’m expecting, asking or wanting him to leave the band. Keep playing bass — just get a new singer!

Anyway, the band is still chugging along playing no-frills NWOBHM-inspired heavy metal but this time they are a bit more melodic about it. Heck, “Tears Have Come” borders on acting as an ’80s glam anthem. So it’s good to see the guys are still expanding ever so slightly past the traditional heavy metal sound. They covered Black ‘N’ Blue on the last album but this time they’ve taken another unique route and have covered “Detroit’s Heavy Metal Horror Show” Halloween with “I Confess”. Is it wrong of me to think a cover song is the best song on the album? I’m thinking more about checking out Halloween than I am about listening to the rest of this album! But credit where it’s due, “Miss You To Death” is probably my favorite song the band has written so far.

I don’t mean to bash the band because as I said, I’m enjoying this disc a lot more than the band’s debut. But in addition to the lackluster vocals, I really think the band needs a second guitarist. I’m not knocking Ian Chains at all, does a great job. He pulls off some awesome solos but for a band playing this style of music? I think two guitars would sound better, I like hearing two guitars playing off each other. If three guitarists are good enough for Iron Maiden surely Cauldron can have two?

So while Cauldron hasn’t quite yet delivered a KO in my book, they are continuing to improve. Their debut was fine but bland whereas I actually enjoy Burning Fortune quite a bit. After nearly giving up on them with Chained To The Nite, Cauldron is slowly winning me over (and I’m sure they’re very pleased about that).

Highlights: All Or Nothing, Miss You To Death, I Confess, Queen Of Fire

Cauldron – Chained To The Nite

Cauldron – Chained To The Nite [Limited Edition] (2009, Earache Records)

Disc 1
1. “Young and Hungry” … 3:36
2. “Conjure The Mass” … 4:10
3. “Chained Up In Chains” … 5:11
4. “The Leaven/Fermenting Enchantress” … 6:17
5. “Dreams Die Young” … 4:03
6. “Bound To The Stake” … 4:27
7. “Witch Trail” … 6:09
8. “Midnite Hour” … 6:00
9. “Chains Around Heaven” … 3:48

Disc 2
1. “The Striker Strikes” … 3:45
2. “Restless” … 5:36

Jason Decay – Vocals, Bass
Ian Chains – Guitar
Steel Rider – Drums

Producer: Ian Blurton

There’s a huge retro-metal movement going on right now and Cauldron is yet another band to be counted amongst that seemingly endless number. Instead of retro-trash, Cauldron opts for a NWOBHM sound similar to White Wizzard (though they aren’t quite as aggressive as that group).

I had first heard this band shortly before this album was released and I liked “Chained Up In Chains” quite a bit but the samples from the rest of the album didn’t thrill me. Cut to the summer of 2010 when I was looking for new music and decided to finally pick up Chained To The Nite. The album is certainly competent and solid and I appreciate the ’80s NWOBHM hokeyness: the use of fog and a woman in chains on the cover art, the lyrics about witches and dark magic and whatnot, even their own names but it seems like the band is trying to hard to act as a tribute to the past and are not worried enough about writing intriguing songs.

I don’t care whether if any band is original or not, just as long as they write interesting songs and for most of this album I don’t get that feeling. I also feel that Jason Decay’s vocals are a weak point as well, there’s just no power behind him. I guess when I really like 5 songs out of 11, you could call that a decent showing and that’s true. Cauldron has produced a decent album, but not a great album or anything particularly inspiring.

I didn’t realize it until I saw it with my own eyes but there are apparently two versions of this album. My local FYE had the limited edition which features the cover sleeve art shown above (the more risqué cover is still on the CD booklet’s cover) and a second disc with two additional tracks. That just seems silly. Why press an additional CD? Just include those two tracks on the first CD. “The Striker Strikes” and “Restless” are two of the best songs out of the whole bunch anyway!

Highlights: “Young and Hungry”, “Chained Up In Chains”, “Bound To The Stake”, “The Striker Strikes”, “Restless”

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