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ON THE RISE – Dream Zone

On The Rise – Dream Zone (2010, Frontiers Records)

1. “Lifeline” … 3:17
2. “Lost Your Track” … 4:21
3. “Dream Zone” … 4:01
4. “Edellyn” … 4:56
5. “Alive” … 3:54
6. “In The Line Of Fire” … 3:17
7. “Get Out Of Here” … 3:35
8. “Fly Away” … 4:40
9. “No Time To Lose” … 3:46
10. “Why Wait Another Day” … 4:53
11. “Tomorrow Never Dies” … 3:50
12. “Howling At The Moon” … 3:35
13. “Find A Way” … 3:06

Terje Eide – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Erik Engebretsen – Drums
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Christian Wolff – Keyboards, Bass, Guitar

Producer: Terje Eide

Dream Zone is yet another in a string of stellar releases from Frontiers Records.From what I understand, On The Rise was originally a two-man project when the group’s debut was released back in 2003, but now Terje Eide is the sole creative force and only actual member of On The Rise thus making it more of a solo effort, I would imagine.

What I really like about this album is that there are so many up-tempo numbers. Too often AOR & melodic rock bands allow their albums to get bogged down by slow numbers and a handful of ballads. I love ballads, but I don’t want three, four or five on the same album! Well, Dream Zone doesn’t have that problem thankfully because Eide puts the “rock” in “melodic rock”.

The whole album has an ’80s AOR feel to it, but I like it. Great vocals, not too heavy on the keyboards, nice guitars. There are a few songs I didn’t care for (the ballad “Edyllen” especially) but the ’80s feel doesn’t come off as forced or dated or cheesy. It is what it is and overall– it is good!

Highlights: “Lifeline”, “Lost Your Track”, “Dream Zone”, “Alive”, “Get Out Of Here”, “Howling At The Moon”

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