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DAME FORTUNE – The Secret Art

Dame Fortune – The Secret Art (2009, Raido Records)

1. “In Like Flynn” … 3:32
2. “Perpetual Emotion Machine” … 3:33
3. “If You Will Not When You May (You May Not When You Will)” … 4:03
4. “Holly Fenton” … 3:32
5. “Interlude” … :07
6. “The Days Are Just Packed” … 2:43
7. “A Special Place” … 3:28
8. “Santa Ana Blues” … 4:24
9. “I Only Miss You When I Breathe” … 3:04
10. “The Edge” … 3:18
11. “V for Vendetta” … 3:15
12. “Secret Rulers (Of The World To Be)” … 3:05
13. “Good For What Ails You” … 3:08
14. “Hikikomori (Live As Though The Day Were Here)” … 4:28

David Blake – Guitar, Vocals
Mike James – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Wire – Bass, Vocals
John Merritt – Drums, Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Richard Davis – Piano (“Perpetual Emotion Machine”)
Andrea Meatty – Backing Vocals (“Good for What Ails You”)

Dame Fortune is a fairly new band that brings a great old school classic rock vibe with just a touch of Goth when it comes to look and lyrics. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, but after listening to this album… these songs are darn catchy. I found myself singing “If You Will Not When You May (You May Not When You Will)”  just the other day!

The band lists KISS are one of their influences, that’s definitely apparent on songs like “Perpetual Emotional Machine” and “Hikikomori (Live As Though The Day Were Here)”.

In addition to KISS, there’s also a Slade vibe I’m picking up from the band and their song “Santa Ana Blues” sounds like an earlier Alice Cooper song, but the album isn’t all like that. The band shows that they can get heavier with mean rockers like “A Special Place” and “V for Vendetta”.

I definitely gotta recommend this for fans of classic hard rock.

Highlights: “In Like Flynn”, “Perpetual Emotion Machine”, “If You Will Not When You May (You May Not When You Will)”, “A Special Place”, “V for Vendetta”, “Santa Ana Blues”, “Secret Rulers (Of The World To Be)”, “Good For What Ails You”

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