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BRUCE DICKINSON – Tattooed Millionaire

Bruce Dickinson – Tattooed Millionaire (1990, Columbia Records; 2002, Legacy Recordings/Columbia Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Son of a Gun” … 5:55
2. “Tattooed Millionaire” … 4:28
3. “Born in ’58” … 3:39
4. “Hell on Wheel” … 3:39
5. “Gypsy Road” … 4:02
6. “Dive! Dive! Dive!” … 4:41
7. “All the Young Dudes” … 3:50
8. “Lickin’ the Gun” … 3:17
9. “Zulu Lulu” … 3:27
10. “No Lies” … 6:17
11. “Spirit of Joy” … 3:13
12. “Darkness Be My Friend” … 2:02
13. “Sin City” … 4:37
14. “Winds of Change” … 4:14
15. “Riding With the Angels” [Live] … 4:20

Bruce Dickinson – Vocals
Janick Gers – Guitar
Andy Carr – Bass
Fabio Del Rio – Drums

Produced by: Bruce Dickinson

Amazing! This album rocks. Bruce steps away from with the typical Iron Maiden imagery & sound and delivers a great slab of pop-metal and 80s hard rock. I bought the re-issue thanks to tons of positive reviews I was reading online and at first, I was disappointed. But coming back to it years later, I can’t believe I wasn’t into this album as much as I am now. The fact that Bruce turned in pop-metal compared to NWOBHM of Iron Maiden isn’t whated bothered me though because as much as I like Maiden, I’ve never been a hardcore fan and they probably won’t make my Top 10 Bands list.

The first three tracks are just fantastic and true to sound, the sleazy lyrics that are synonymous with pop-metal come through on songs like “Dive! Dive! Dive!” (take a guess what that’s about) and “Zulu Lulu”. Overall, my favorite song would be “Born in ’58”.

The 2002 Legacy reissue features 5 bonus tracks, one of which is a cover of AC/DC’s “Sin City”.

Guitarist Janick Gers would go on to join Iron Maiden later in 1990 and has been with the band ever since.

There are rumors that “Tattooed Millionaire” refers to either Axl Rose or Nikki Sixx.

Highlights: “Son of a Gun”, “Tattooed Millionaire”, “Born in ’58”, “Dive! Dive! Dive!”, “Lickin’ the Gun”, “No Lies”, “Darkness Be My Friend”

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