BABYLON A.D. – Babylon A.D.

BABYLON A.D. – Babylon A.D. (1989, Arista Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Bang Go The Bells” (4:15)
2. “Hammer Swings Down” (3:27)
3. “Caught In The Crossfire” (3:33)
4. “Desperate” (5:23)
5. “The Kid Goes Wild” (4:52)
6. “Shot O’ Love” (5:47)
7. “Maryanne” (3:41)
8. “Back in Babylon” (4:10)
9. “Sweet Temptation” (3:40)
10. “Sally Danced” (5:53)

Derek Davis – Vocals
Dan De La Rosa – Guitar
Ron Freschi – Guitar
Eric Pacheco – Bass
James Pacheco – Drums

So Arista Records (more known for pop and R&B acts) wanted to get a piece of the hard rock pie, so they signed up a bunch rock acts in the late 80s/early 90s. Babylon A.D. was one of those acts, and it’s a shame that Arista decided to get into the rock/metal scene just before it was to be annihilated over by grunge, because Babylon A.D. was really great hard rock band that probably would’ve been bigger had they arrived a year or three earlier. This is a really strong debut album and having recently discovered it (I knew *of* the band previously, but hadn’t actually listened to much of their music), I can’t take it out of my car’s CD player. These guys aren’t glam, they aren’t sleaze, they’re just a really good hard rock band and you oughta check’em out.

Highlights: Bang Go The Bells, Caught In The Crossfire, Desperate, Shot O’ Love, Maryanne, Back In Babylon

Lowlights: None really, even the “weaker” songs on the album (Hammer Swings Down, The Kid Goes Wild) are decent.


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  1. A very good and underrated album, to be sure. “Bang Go The Bells” never gets old, and there are many other songs on the debut Babylon A.D. album that have definitely stood the test of time. Babylon A.D. guitarist Ron Freschi, who co-wrote “Bang Go The Bells,” decided it was time to get back to the sound of that debut album so, at the end of 2007, he and I started a band called Syrym to do just that. We’ve got an album coming out this summer, and you can check out some of the new tracks at I’d love to hear what you think of the new material, and there will be a new CD to add to your collection this August. Keep Rockin’!

  2. Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment! I checked out the site a month or two ago, really strong stuff that’s definitely my kinda music. I’m really looking forward to the release!

  3. Hey MM,

    Just wanted to let you know that the first single off the upcoming Syrym album is now available at The song is called “Warpath,” and you can check it out here:

    Just a little something to whet your appetite until the album comes out in August. And here’s a bit of news… the version of “Warpath” on the album will likely be a little different than the single version, for reasons I can’t yet divulge. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link, JW! Sounding good!

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