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Fozzy – Sin and Bones [Review]

Fozzy – Sin and Bones
2012, Century Media Records

1. “Spider In My Mouth”
2. “Sandpaper”
3. “Blood Happens”
4. “Inside My Head”
5. “Sin and Bones”
6. “A Passed Life”
7. “She’s My Addiction”
8. “Shine Forever”
9. “Dark Passenger”
10. “Storm the Beaches”

Chris Jericho – Lead Vocals
Rich Ward – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Billy Grey – Guitar
Paul Di Leo – Bass
Frank Fontsere – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Phil Campbell – Guitar (solo on “She’s My Addiction”)

Producer: Rich Ward

Fozzy returns with their 5th album, which is very much a continuation of the quasi-Avenged Sevenfold sound they started going for with 2012’s Chasing the Grail. Heck, they even got M. Shadow’s to do vocals for one of their songs (the lead single “Sandpaper”).

Previous Fozzy albums seemed to do a few really good numbers with a bunch of dreck to fill out the album. Luckily, the good outweighs the bad here. “Spider In My Mouth” is a good A7X sounding numbers where melody meets metal. “Sandpaper” sounds like a Fozzy song. “Blood Happens” has some decent moments but is ultimately not a favorite of mine because it ends up sounding like metalcore at times (complete with metalcore vocals from Jericho… don’t do that again). “Inside My Head” is standard modern hard rock but I like it. “Sin and Bones” is another driving number ready for radio. “A Passed Life” is somber and melodic. Good tune.

Despite the involvement of Motorhead’s Phil Campbell, “She’s My Addiction” is a bit too light sounding. The chorus reminds me of Trixter. “Shine Forever” is a bland modern number that comes across as Tool a bit. “Dark Passenger” is another track with low-key melodic moments and I’m starting to think it’s those moments where Fozzy’s strength really lies. The eleven minute closer “Storm the Beaches” also features those quiet moments but also some thrashy moments that bring to mind Anthrax and yet again Avenged Sevenfold.

Century Media is the fourth label the band has been on. The first two albums were released by Megaforce and they’ve been label hopping ever since. Hopefully they’ve found a new permanent home with Century Media, which is a solid label for metal bands. Jericho stated he thought Sin And Bones was the band’s “black album”, the one that’s going to break them into the mainstream.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that way. The album debuted at #143 on the Billboard and even with M. Shadows “Sandpaper” didn’t chart as a single. Still, despite some criticisms I have about Jericho’s voice), the band itself is writing better songs. Is it the Black Album? Not quite but it’s definitely Fozzy’s best album so far.

Highlights: “Spider In My Mouth”, “Sandpaper”, “Sin and Bones”, “A Passed Life”, “Dark Passenger”, “Storm the Beaches”

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FOZZY – Fozzy

Fozzy – Fozzy (2000, Megaforce Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Stand up and Shout” … (3:39)
2. “Eat the Rich” … (4:05)
3. “Stay Hungry” … (2:56)
4. “The Prisoner” … (6:18)
5. “Live Wire” … (3:17)
6. “End of Days” … (3:54)
7. “Over the Mountain” … (4:31)
8. “Blackout” … (3:39)
9. “Feel the Burn” … (4:23)
10. “Riding on the Wind” … (3:10)

Chris Jericho – Vocals
Rich Ward – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ryan Mallam – Guitar
Dan Dryden – Bass
Frank Fontsere – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Butch Walker – Guitar, Vocals on “Over the Mountain”
Andy Sneap – Vocals on “Blackout”

Produced by: John Briglevich & Fozzy

Before Fozzy turned themselves into a somewhat serious hard rock & metal band with 2005’s All That Remains, they played the Spinal Tap joke card and did mostly covers on their first two albums.

The concept behind wrestler Chris Jericho and the band Stuck Mojo getting together was that they were a 80s hair band who had been stuck in Japan for the last 15 years and had written all these great songs that were “stolen” by other bands and these are the original versions. Pretty interesting and humorous idea and I remember the band and Jericho getting a lot of press from the Metal Sludge website at the time with the site playing along that this was all legit.

It actually took me a few years to pick this one up, for some reason, despite being a huge Jericho fan and huge fan of 80s rock. Jericho does a surprisingly good job using an “80s metal voice” and hitting the notes on these songs, though he sounds a bit strained trying to measure up to Rob Halford on “Riding on the Wind” (but who wouldn’t, outside of Ripper Owens, that is).

It’s a really fun album and Jericho’s “The new Number TWO!” overacting at the beginning of Iron Maiden’s “The Prisoner” cracks me up.

It’s not all covers though, the band managed to put up 2 original songs: “End of Days” and “Feel the Burn”, both of which have a more modern sound and wouldn’t be out of place on All That Remains. Of the two, “End of Days” is my favorite.

Highlights: “Eat the Rich”, “Live Wire”, “End of Days”, “Over the Mountain”, “Blackout”

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