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W.E.T. – W.E.T.

W.E.T. – W.E.T. (2009, Frontiers Records)

1. “Invincible” … 3:52
2. “One Love” … 3:58
3. “Brothers In Arms” … 4:49
4. “Come Down Like Rain” … 4:43
5. “Running From The Heartache” … 4:29
6. “I’ll Be There” … 4:46
7. “Damage Is Done” … 3:27
8. “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” … 3:16
9. “One Day At A Time” … 5:04
10. “Just Go” … 4:27
11. “My Everything” … 3:21
12. “If I Fall” … 6:09

Jeff Scott Soto – Lead Vocals
Erik Martensson – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Robert Sall – Guitar
Magnus Henriksson – Guitar
Robban Back – Drums

Producer: Erik Martensson

Frontiers Records has gotten me in the mood and right mindset for melodic rock lately. It’s not a genre I pretend to have an in-depth knowledge in but I know good music when I hear it and this project featuring Jeff Scott Soto (the main drawing point for me) is a really strong effort that sometimes reminds me of House of Lords because it rocks a bit harder than a lot of melodic bands do. Rounding out the core of W.E.T. is Robert Sall (from the band Work of Art), Erik Martensson (Eclipse) and Jeff Scott Soto provides the “T” from his old band Talisman. From what I’ve read, this album actually came to be at the request of Frontiers Records who wanted another melodic rock release from Soto. Well, that request has paid off in a major way!

The more I listen to this album, the more I like it. I had planned on buying it a while back, but the samples just didn’t grab me but with each spin, the power of the album is coming through more and more. It’s easy to see why this made the rounds on many rock sites as one of 2009’s best releases — there’s no filler! Every song is catchy, filled with hooks and choruses and you’ll get sucked in and start singing along before you know it.

The great guitar work of Erik Martensson is worth noting and really brings this album up a level in intensity but the highpoint for me is Jeff Scott Soto’s vocals. I’ve been a fan of his since I first heard him. He’s such an amazing and powerful singer and I know he experiments with different types of music, but his voice really was made for music like this.

“Invincible”, “One Love”, “Running From The Heartache” and “If I Fall” (which sounds like a lost Journey song) are the best of the best from an album that I can only believe is a modern masterpiece of melodic rock.

Highlights: “Invincible”, “One Love”, “Brothers in Arms”, “Comes Down Like Rain”, “Running From The Heartache”,  “One Day At A Time”, “If I Fall”

Upcoming Reviews

Occasionally, I’ll do one of these posts where I list what I’ll be reviewing in the upcoming days. It’s as much for me as it is for any readers out there because it helps keep me motivated and on task.

Though I’m nowhere near being done with reviewing my personal collection, we’re now getting to the point where I’m like “eh, I don’t really feel like listening to this album”. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some great albums left I haven’t covered yet, in fact, some of them are my favorite albums period but the the pickings are indeed starting to get slim when it comes to quality, if not quantity.

New music isn’t a problem though. Tons of new music is constantly coming into my house, it’s all just a matter of having enough time to digest these albums so that I can give some decent thoughts on them.

Without anymore rambling, here’s what I should be reviewing soon (with maybe a few surprises thrown in along the way)…

Spin Gallery – Embrace
Jaded Heart – Perfect Insanity
W.E.T. – W.E.T.
Jeff Scott Soto – One Night in Madrid DVD
Keel – The Right to Rock [25th Anniversary Edition]
Starz – Starz
Hansel – Never Say Die

Albums I Missed in 2009

As in 2008, there were a number of albums released this year that I didn’t get around buying. Money may come from trees but it surely doesn’t grow on them! Some of these albums I’ve been aware of for awhile, others I just recently found out about. Oh well, here’s some 2009 releases I plan on picking up sometime in the near future…

3 Inches of Blood – Here Waits Thy Doom: They finally got rid of their “screamo” vocalist so now it’s all down to Cam Pipes’ shrill pipes. I’ve never had a problem with the music, just the second vocalist. I’ll probably get this one pretty soon because what I’m hearing online is great.

House of Lords – Cartesian Dreams: I had been waffling on this one for quite some time, then I thought I had finally decided to not buy it due to some wimpy songs I heard but I’ve read some more reviews, previewed some more songs and now I desperately want it! I’m no stranger to House of Lords, but I’ve never bought an album by them.

Bulletboys – 10c Billionaire: I’ve actually ordered this album TWICE this year (once from Amazon and once from CD Universe) and both times the order was delayed without notice and in the case of CD Universe they went as far as to delete the listing! I’ve heard cheers and I’ve heard jeers for this album, but I like the two or three songs I’ve heard. I don’t expect to be blown away, but I suspect it’ll be decent. I guess I’ll have to order directly from Chavis Records though.

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