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Motley Crue – All Bad Things [Single Review]

motleyMotley Crue – All Bad Things [single]
2015, Eleven Seven Music
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1. All Bad Things

Vince Neil – Vocals
Mick Mars – Guitar
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Tommy Lee – Drums

While I’ve never truly believed Motley Crue’s “final” tour is really the final tour (comments from band members have now stated they’ll still occasionally record or do live performances), I was hoping a new tour might bring about some new music. It’s been too long since the band released a follow-up album to Saints of Los Angeles. I think the idea for any future new Motley music is so to either attach the songs to soundtracks, EPs or release them as singles, but it’s been announced that some type of Motley Crue release is in the works that will include the band’s latest single and the one new track they are playing on their farewell tour, “All Bad Things”.

Whatever the project is, it’s being called “the ultimate collector’s album package” (by Motley’s press release). I’m guessing either another greatest hits collection or another box set. I’d rather get a whole new album.

To the music at hand, when snippets of this song first appeared online in the form of a teaser for the tour, I liked what I heard. Live recordings popping up on YouTube weren’t that great so I’ve been impatiently waiting for MONTHS for a proper release of this song.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the new music Motley Crue has made since 2005. It’s the perfect marriage of the Motley Crue sound and modern hard rock. I loved the few new tracks they did for Red, White & CrueSaints of Los Angeles was good and I liked the band’s previous single, “Sex”. If you’re a fan of their newer stuff, you’ll like “All Bad Things”. It sounds like something that could’ve been on SOLA and it’s a step up from “Sex”. I would love to see both of those songs get a proper physical release so I’m hoping whatever album is in the pipeline, both of these songs will appear on it.

It’s Crue, it’s good, check it out.

Motley Crue – Red, White & Crue

Motley Crue – Red, White & Crue (2005, Hip-O Records/Motley Records)

Disc 1
1. “Live Wire” … 3:15
2. “Piece of Your Action” … 4:40
3. “Toast of the Town” … 3:14
4. “Too Fast for Love” … 3:21
5. “Black Widow” [Previously Unreleased] … 4:26
6. “Looks That Kill” … 4:07
7. “Too Young to Fall in Love” [Remix] … 3:38
8. “Helter Skelter” … 3:12
9. “Shout at the Devil” … 3:14
10. “Smokin’ In the Boys Room” … 3:27
11. “Use It or Lose It” … 2:39
12. “Girls, Girls, Girls” … 4:30
13. “Wild Side” … 4:40
14. “You’re All I Need” … 4:43
15. “All in the Name of…” … 3:39
16. “Kickstart My Heart” … 4:48
17. “Without You” … 4:29
18. “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” … 4:40
19. “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)” … 4:12
20. “Dr. Feelgood” … 4:50

Disc 2
1. “Anarchy in the U.K.” … 3:20
2. “Primal Scream” … 4:47
3. “Home Sweet Home” [’91 Remix] … 4:01
4. “Hooligan’s Holiday” [Brown Nose Edit] … 5:20
5. “Misunderstood” [Successful Format Version] … 4:58
6. “Planet Boom” … 3:23
7. “Bittersuite” … 3:19
8. “Afraid” [Alternative Rave Mix] … 4:08
9. “Beauty” … 3:46
10. “Generation Swine” … 4:40
11. “Bitter Pill” … 4:26
12. “Enslaved” … 4:30
13. “Hell On High Heels” … 4:16
14. “New Tattoo” [Single Version] … 4:02
15. “If I Die Tomorrow” … 3:46
16. “Sick Love Song” … 4:18
17. “Street Fighting Man” … 3:31

Bought this album for three reasons: “If I Die Tomorrow”, “Sick Love Song” and “Street Fighting Man”. Before anyone thinks I’m stupid for spending $15-20 for 3 songs, I actually picked up a used copy off for about $2.25.

Red, White & Crue is the band’s fourth compilation and came hot on the heels of the reunion of all four original members. This time it was Tommy Lee returning after having had some minor success with his rap-metal group Methods of Mayhem and two solo albums. The late Randy Castillo (ex-Ozzy) was Tommy’s replacement in the band and later when Randy became ill, Hole drummer Samantha Maloney would join the group in a touring capacity.

For my money (as little as I paid!), this album stands as the superior Crue compilation. Of the 5 compilations the band has released, this is the only collection to feature two discs (although a single disc version was released) and therefore it’s able to cover a lot more ground. It certainly makes 1998’s Greatest Hits album obsolete as it includes the two new tracks that came from that album. Quality begins to take a dip with Disc 2 as the collection is set up in chronological order and we’re taken through the Corabi albumGeneration Swine and New Tattoo songs.

The album ends on a high note with three new tracks. “If I Die Tomorrow” and “Sick Love Song” are classic Crue songs in my opinion and were foreshadowing what would come later on Saints of Los Angeles. Great mix of modern hard rock and the classic Crue sound and two of my favorite Crue songs ever and in my area they both got some decent airplay. The final new track is “Street Fighting Man”, a cover of the Rolling Stones song (and Josh Freese actually plays drums on this song). A good effort though I’m not a big Stones fan. A fourth new track called “I’m a Liar (And That’s the Truth)” made it onto Japan pressings of this album. I checked the song out on YouTube and while it would’ve been nice to see it included, it’s the least pleasing of the newly recorded songs. Kinda generic.

For old school fans, there is the previously unreleased “Black Widow” (You mean there are MORE songs that didn’t make it as bonus tracks to those reissues ) which was demoed in 1983 for Shout at the Devil but morphed into “God Bless the Children of the Beast”.

Listen, anytime a band releases a “best of” or “greatest hits” compilation, the debate can rage on endlessly about which songs didn’t deserve to be on the album and which songs did. Sure, we can all sit back and pick this album apart and list what we’d take out and put in but I think this is a great career overview, warts and all. They didn’t focus only on songs from the original four members, they didn’t try to pretend Corabi didn’t exist or that they didn’t go that weird alternative/techno route with Generation Swine and I think that’s cool. For better or worse, this album shows you all eras of Motley Crue… which is what a compilation should do, in my opinion, unless you’re calling it a greatest hits album.

This is the compilation I would recommend to anyone looking to get into the band. More than likely, the most amount of enjoyment is going to be found on Disc 1 as every song there is classic old school Crue but Disc 2 still has a few gems to offer.

Buy ‘Red, White & Crue’ at (See all Pop Music CDs)

The Metal Excess Awards: 2010 Edition

I’m really surprised by how many albums I enjoyed this year. I have a pitiful memory so I had to go back through my blog to remind myself what came out this year but I was floored when my Top 10 list was changed to a Top 20 list, then to a Top 30 list! I knocked it back down to a Top 25 list to make it seem a tiny bit more exclusive.

If you haven’t checked out any of these 25 albums, I wholeheartedly recommend you do so. 2010 was an amazing year for rock & metal, much MUCH better than 2009. I don’t see how 2011 can compete!

I’ll keep it short and sweet with my awards. As always, check the links for full reviews.

Best Albums of 2010

1. Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare
2. Buckcherry – All Night Long
3. Scorpions – Sting in the Tail
4. Halford – Made of Metal
5. Slash – s/t
6. Black Country Communion – s/t
7. Avantasia – Angel of Babylon
8. Avantasia – The Wicked Symphony
9. Accept – Blood of the Nations
10. Hinder – All American Nightmare
11. Jettblack – Get Your Hands Dirty
12. Reckless Love – s/t
13. Bad City – Welcome to the Wasteland
14. Stone Temple Pilots – s/t
15. Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier
16. Krokus – Hoodoo
17. Helloween – 7 Sinners
18. Sister Sin – True Sound of the Underground
19. My Darkest Days – s/t
20. Stereoside – s/t
21. Y&T – Facemelter
22. Danko Jones – Below The Belt
23. Grave Digger – The Clans Will Rise Again
24. Jon Oliva’s Pain – Festival
25. Ratt – Infestation

Top Cover Albums

Seems like every year a few established artists like to cover a few *other* established artists, not to mention all those various tribute albums that small labels will slap together. Well, here’s my official ranking of the three cover albums I bothered to listen to this year. Luckily, all three albums were good fun and I think they all deserve another mention.

1. Jorn – Dio
2. Vince Neil – Tattoos & Tequila
3. Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz – My ReGeneration Vol. 1

Top Live Albums

Again, I don’t buy a lot of live albums, but here’s how I rank what I listened to this year.

1. Dio – Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987
2. Heaven & Hell – Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell – Live In Europe
3. Megadeth – Rust In Peace Live
4. The Michael Schenker Group – The 30th Anniversary Concert: Live in Tokyo

Top EPs

1. Razorwyre – Coming Out
2. Skull Fist – Heavier Than Metal
3. DesDemon – The Awakening

Most Disappointing Albums

1. Ratt – Infestation
The album was good, don’t get me wrong. It landed at #25 on my Best Of list for Dio’s sake! But… most of the songs had trouble living up to the promise of “Eat Me Up Alive” and “Best Of Me”.

2. Armored Saint – La Raza
A bland album from a band that has done so much better. They seemed to be going through the motions (to which John Bush has basically admitted in regards to himself). Symbol of Salvation this ain’t.

3. White Wizzard – Over The Top
The High Speed GTO EP garnered this group a lot of hype and buzz. We all fell for it, I know reviews for this album have been positive and it’s not bad but I expected more. Hopefully a second album will get these guys where they need to be.

4. Raven – Walk Through Fire
The terrible cover art should’ve tipped me off that this album was nothing special.


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VINCE NEIL – Tattoos & Tequila

Vince Neil – Tattoos & Tequila (2010, Eleven Seven Music)

1. “Tattoos & Tequila” … 3:44
2. “He’s a Whore” … 2:49
3. “AC/DC” … 4:08
4. “Nobody’s Fault” … 4:44
5. “Another Bad Day” … 4:07
6. “No Feelings” … 2:50
7. “Long Cool Woman” … 3:27
8. “Another Piece of Meat” … 3:08
9. “Who’ll Stop the Rain” … 2:51
10. “Viva Las Vegas” … 2:54
11. “The Bitch Is Back” … 3:45

Vince Neil – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Jeff Blando – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dana Strum – Bass
Zoltan Chaney – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Marti Frederiksen – Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Brad Gillis – Guitar
Jack Blades – Backing Vocals
Anthony Focx – Drums
Will Evankovich – Guitar
Christian Matthew Cullen – Keyboards
Mollie Solow – Backing Vocals

Producer: Jack Blades &Vince Neil, Marti Frederiksen (Tracks 1 and 5)

When I first heard about this album, I wasn’t all that excited about it but I figured I would probably pick it up just because I’m such a big Crue fan. Then I found out this album was mostly a collection of cover songs with only two original songs. I decided against picking it up but I read a few positive reviews for it and noticed Best Buy’s website had the album on sale for $7.99 with free shipping. I ended up ordering this along with Ozzy’s Scream album (it had the same deal). Both albums arrived in the mail on Monday, 6/21 — a full day before they hit the street! is quickly becoming one of the top stopping places for me when it comes to new music from established acts.

Vince Neil sounds as good as ever (no jokes, please) and he’s backed by a number of notable musicians. Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis & Jack Blades lend a hand with Jack Blades going as far as producing all of the cover songs. Then there’s Beautiful Creatures’ Anthony Focx making a guest appearance. Slaughter’s Dana Strum and Jeff Blando help make up the Vince Neil band in 2010 alongside newcomer Zoltan Chaney on drums. Marti Frederiksen (who co-wrote the entire Saints of Los Angeles album from Motley Crue) plays a few instruments and also produced/wrote the two new tracks.

I think the song choices here were great. Vince said he wanted to cover bands he was a fan of and that had influenced him and that’s great. He’s lent his voice to so many low-budget tribute albums over the years, it’s nice to know he’s not just collecting a paycheck this time. It’s also cool this was released on Eleven Seven (where Nikki Sixx is a head honcho at the label) and Vince didn’t have to put this out on a no-name label.

These covers are inspired. They’ve all been given a slight makeover and a sleazy hard rock edge. Some of his cover choices are surprising, here’s the full list: Cheap Trick, Sweet, Aerosmith, Sex Pistols, The Hollies, Scorpions, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Elvis Presley and Elton John. I’m particularly impressed by the versions of The Hollies’ “Long Cool Woman” and CCR’s “Who’ll Stop The Rain”. Vince sound really good singing these old ’70s hard rockers. His take on Aerosmith’s “Nobody’s Fault” and Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas” are pretty rockin’ too. I was particularly interested in how “Viva Las Vegas” would sound and I’m glad it was given a hard rock makeover and he didn’t try to remain true to the song’s lounge act roots. Even the two new songs “Tattoos & Tequila” and “Another Bad Day” (which are obvious attempts at getting modern rock radio play) are growing on me.

Vince really sounds like he was having fun with these songs and why not? Like Def Leppard’s Yeah! covers album, this is a good time rock ‘n’ roll album for the summer and it was recorded for no other purpose than having fun. Fun seems to be the Vince Neil way. Though he has somewhat of a scroungy biker image when hanging out in Motley Crue, his solo style appears to be that of a hard rock Jimmy Buffett and he even has an ad in the CD booklet for his own line of tequila! Look out, Sammy Hagar!

Rock ‘n’ roll for the sake of rock ‘n’ roll. Recommended.

Highlights: “Tattoos & Tequila”, “He’s A Whore”, “Nobody’s Fault”, “Long Cool Woman”, “Who’ll Stop The Rain”, “Viva Las Vegas”

VINCE NEIL – Exposed

Vince Neil – Exposed (1993, Warner Bros. Records)

1. “Look in Her Eyes” … 5:51
2. “Sister of Pain” … 5:03
3. “Can’t Have Your Cake” … 3:57
4. “Fine, Fine Wine” … 4:12
5. “The Edge” … 4:54
6. “Can’t Change Me” … 4:41
7. “Set Me Free” … 4:04
8. “Living Is a Luxury” … 5:40
9. “You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)” … 4:23
10. “Gettin’ Hard” … 4:38
11. “Forever” … 5:12

Vince Neil – Vocals
Steve Stevens – Guitar, Bass
Vik Foxx – Drums

Produced by: Ron Nevison

By 1993, Vince Neil was already out of Motley Crue and had snagged himself a solo record deal with Warner Bros. The album is very much like what you would hope a Vince Neil-led Motley album would sound like, as opposed to 1994’s alternative rock lovefest that was Motley Crue.

If I didn’t know it was a solo disc, I would swear this was Motley. The albums is oozing with their typical sleazy sex-driven lyrics and dirty glam sound. Quite a rarity for 1993, though the album at least initially did well debuting at #13 on the Billboard charts. The quality and sound of the album cannot be attributed only to Neil though. He often played a small role in the creative process with Motley and on this album he aided in songwriting by the likes of Steve Stevens, Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw.

I’m not a big fan of the Blades/Shaw-penned “Can’t Change Me”. Reminds me too much of Motley’s “Time for a Change”, which I also didn’t like, but if you’re in the mood for Motley and don’t wanna spin Motley Crue, try this one instead. A surprisingly strong debut.

Rhythm guitarist Dave Marshall and future Ratt bassist Robbie Crane were featured in the album’s insert and were a part of the band on the preceding tour, but did not actually join until the album was already recorded.

Highlights: “Look in Her Eyes”, “Sister of Pain”, “Fine, Fine Wine”, “Living Is a Luxury”, “You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)”, “Forever”

MOTLEY CRUE – Live: Entertainment or Death

Motley Crue – Live: Entertainment or Death (1999, Motley Records/Beyond Music)

Track Listing:

1. “Looks That Kill” … 6:06
2. “Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid” … 3:35
3. “Too Young to Fall in Love” … 3:57
4. “Live Wire” … 4:19
5. “Public Enemy #1” … 4:53
6. “Shout at the Devil” … 4:19
7. “Merry-Go-Round” … 3:22
8. “Ten Seconds to Love” … 4:46
9. “Piece of Your Action” … 4:06
10. “Starry Eyes” … 4:37
11. “Helter Skelter” … 4:17

1. “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room” … 5:18
2. “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” … 4:14
3. “Wild Side” … 5:52
4. “Girls, Girls, Girls” … 4:50
5. “Dr. Feelgood” … 5:13
6. “Without You” … 3:05
7. “Primal Scream” … 5:42
8. “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)” … 4:33
9. “Home Sweet Home” … 4:06
10. “Kickstart My Heart” … 5:39

Vince Neil – Vocals
Mick Mars – Guitar
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Tommy Lee – Drums, Piano

Produced by: Motley Crue

This isn’t one concert, it’s a cut & paste job of performances taken from the 80s and late 90s. Having actually seen Motley played live TWICE now, I can say this album does them no justice at all. I used to enjoy it when it was first released, but it just can’t compare to their live show.

There’s no doubt that all live albums get a little “touch up” in the studio, but I think Vince’s voice in concert today sounds better than some of his parts on here. Good song selection though, there’s a strong presence of early material and “Ten Seconds to Love” is a great live cut.

Highlights: “Looks That Kill”, “Ten Seconds to Love”, “Shout at the Devil”, “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room”, “Without You”, “Home Sweet Home”

MOTLEY CRUE – Greatest Hits

Motley Crue – Greatest Hits (1998, Motley Records/Beyond Music)

Track Listing:
1. “Bitter Pill” … 4:26
2. “Enslaved” … 4:32
3. “Girls, Girls, Girls” … 4:30
4. “Kickstart My Heart” … 4:43
5. “Wild Side” … 4:40
6. “Glitter” [Remix] … 4:30
7. “Dr. Feelgood” … 4:50
8. “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)” … 4:12
9. “Home Sweet Home” … 3:55
10. “Afraid” … 4:08
11. “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” … 4:40
12. “Without You” … 4:29
13. “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room” … 3:22
14. “Primal Scream” … 4:44
15. “Too Fast for Love” … 3:22
16. “Looks That Kill” … 4:07
17. “Shout at the Devil” … 3:42

This is Motley’s 2nd compilation, coming 7 years after Decade of Decadence. And do you want to know what got me to buy this album? The World Wrestling Federation! That’s right! Motley did a live performance on WWF TV (on either Monday Night Raw or Sunday Night Heat) and WWF was pushing this album hard for them. WWF also debuted supposed Motley Crue “bodyguard” Test at the same time and tied it into this.

I seem to remember this era for Motley being hyped as a return to form for them (despite the fact that they were only promoting their past). We had the original members, but Generation Swine bombed with it’s experimental modern sound, so they put out a greatest hits and recorded two new songs to prove to the world they could still rock ‘n’ roll!

The two news songs, “Enslaved” and “Bitter Pill”, are pretty good, IMO, and wouldn’t sound out of place on Dr. Feelgood. They won’t go down as all-time Motley classics, but I still liked’em alot back in the day and I still do. The remix of “Glitter” is my preferred take over the original version from Generation Swine. All in all, a solid greatest hits (though it ignores the 1994 album), but I’m a stickler for greatest hits compilations going in chronological order and this one is all over the place. I always thought the cover was pretty cool though.

If you want a grew overview of Motley though, go with Red, White & Crue. I plan on upgrading to that one at some point because it covers more songs, features the two new songs found here, AND includes 3 other new songs.

Highlights: Um… It’s a greatest hits compilation.

MOTLEY CRUE – New Tattoo

Motley Crue – New Tattoo (2000, Motley Records/Beyond Music)

Track Listing:
1. “Hell on High Heels” … 4:15
2. “Treat Me Like the Dog I Am” … 3:40
3. “New Tattoo” … 4:18
4. “Dragstrip Superstar” … 4:22
5. “1st Band on the Moon” … 4:25
6. “She Needs Rock & Roll” … 3:59
7. “Punched in the Teeth by Love” … 3:32
8. “Hollywood Ending” … 3:43
9. “Fake” … 3:44
10. “Porno Star” … 3:45
11. “White Punks on Dope” … 3:39

Vince Neil – Vocals
Mick Mars – Guitar
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Randy Castillo – Drums

Produced by: Mike Clink

Wow, has it been 8 years already since this was released? I still remember going to Wal-Mart the very day it was released and picking it up. As excited I was that Motley was making new music, this album just didn’t do anything for me.

“Hell on High Heels” was released online quite sometime before the album’s release and I remember thinking, “that’s it?” To this day, I find the whole album lackluster. It’s not bad, but there’s nothing memorable here that you’ll away from singing or humming. For the most part, New Tattoo is very average hard rock and just doesn’t sound like Motley at all, IMO. The only song that comes close to “classic Motley” is “Punched in the Teeth by Love”.

At least they were on the right track though and would finally score a home run with their next studio album, Saints of Los Angeles, 8 years later. But this? This is Motley’s worst album, I think (yes, even behind Generation Swine that at least had a few really good songs). Kinda surprising that such a bland album was turned in with Mike Clink producing. You’d think putting GNR’s longtime producer with Motley Crue would deliver an instant classic!

This is, of course, the Tommy-less album (because he was too busy trying to be a rap-rock star) so the late Randy Castillo filled in.

Highlights: “Punched in the Teeth by Love”, “Hollywood Ending”

MOTLEY CRUE – Theatre of Pain

Motley Crue – Theatre of Pain (1985, Elektra Records; 1999, Motley Records/Beyond Music)

Track Listing:
1. “City Boy Blues” … 4:05
2. “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room” … 3:22
3. “Louder Than Hell” … 2:31
4. “Keep Your Eye on the Money” … 4:31
5. “Home Sweet Home” … 3:55
6. “Tonight (We Need a Lover)” … 3:35
7. “Use It or Lose It” … 2:38
8. “Save Our Souls” … 4:10
9. “Raise Your Hands to Rock” … 2:49
10. “Fight for Your Rights” … 3:40
11. “Home Sweet Home” [Demo] … 4:23
12. “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room” [Alternate Version] … 3:34
13. “City Boy Blues” [Demo] … 4:28
14. “Home Sweet Home” [Instrumental] … 2:57
15. “Keep Your Eye on the Money” [Demo] … 3:48

Vince Neil – Vocals, Harmonica
Mick Mars – Guitar
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Tommy Lee – Drums, Piano

Produced by: Tom Werman

I had forgotten how good this album was. It’s not as raw and heavy as Too Fast For Love (in fact it’s downright glammy at times) or filled with nonstop classics like Shout at the Devil, but this is still some of Motley’s best work. Again, I have the 1999 reissue and I believe in the liner notes for that version Nikki states that it’s not their best work because the band was too wrapped up in their own lives and drugs.

Oh well, I like it anyway.

The instrumental and demo versions of “Home Sweet Home” are pretty cool listens.

Highlights: “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room”, “Louder Than Hell”, “Keep Your Eye on the Money”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Tonight (We Need A Lover)”, “Use It or Lose It”, “Save Our Souls”

MOTLEY CRUE – Generation Swine

Motley Crue – Generation Swine (1997, Elektra Records; 1999, Motley Records/Beyond Music)

Track Listing:
1. “Find Myself” … 2:51
2. “Afraid” … 4:07
3. “Flush” … 5:02
4. “Generation Swine” … 4:39
5. “Confessions” … 4:20
6. “Beauty” … 3:47
7. “Glitter” … 5:00
8. “Anybody Out There” … 1:50
9. “Let Us Prey” … 4:22
10. “Rocketship” … 2:04
11. “A Rat Like Me” … 4:13
12. “Shout at the Devil ’97” … 3:42
13. “Brandon” … 3:25
14. “Afraid” [Swine Mix/Jimbo Mix] … 3:57
15. “Wreck Me” [Previously Unreleased] … 4:19
16. “Kiss the Sky” [Previously Unreleased] … 4:46
17. “Rocketship” [Early Demo] … 1:35

Vince Neil – Vocals
Mick Mars – Guitar
Nikki Sixx – Bass, Vocals (“Rocketship”), Co-Vocals (“Find Myself” and “Beauty”)
Tommy Lee – Drums, Piano

Produced by: Scott Humphrey

So Corabi is out, Vince is in again. And once again, Motley delivers something different. Different can be good (like Corabi’s one-time outing with the band), but in this case, not so much. It’s just a weird mix of alternative metal, industrial metal and trippy pop that isn’t suited for Vince’s voice. But I guess in the alternative rock-infested 1997, Dr. Feelgood II would’ve failed as well, so it was pretty much lose-lose for Crue at this point.

Sometimes, the songs work though. “Beauty” and “Glitter” (though I prefer the remix version found on Greatest Hits) are weird, beautiful songs and “Find Myself” is, lyrically, pretty close to the roots of Crue. “Shout at the Devil ’97” is kind of a pointless re-recording, but there’s nothing wrong with it, so I give it a pass. “Brandon” is hands down the worst Motley Crue song ever. Sorry, Tommy, I know you meant well.

I picked this ’99 reissue up pretty cheap, brand new for around $6.99 at FYE, and this was shortly after the reissues were released! So that tells you how badly the album sold. Definitely not an album I ever have the urge to listen to. 

Highlights: “Find Myself”, “Afraid”, “Beauty”, “Glitter”, “A Rat Like Me”, “Shout at the Devil ’97”

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