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CRUE FEST – 07/15/08

Crue Fest featuring Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, SIXX:A.M., Trapt (07/15/08, DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan)

Yesterday’s show was a blast. If you’ve never been to DTE, it’s a pavilion that seats 15,000 and some odd change (about 8,000 of that are lawn seats) out in a nice quiet place called Clarkston, Michigan. Despite Detroit being miles away, no music acts ever play Clarkston when they’re at DTE, they play Detroit. It’s more prestigious sounding that way. A pretty nice & clean outdoor place, with tons of shops inside the gates to blow your money on heavily overpriced beer, margarita, snow cones, merchandise, mini-fans, and pizza. Just like Disney World!

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On With the Show

Tomorrow’s the big day! I’ll be outta here around noon and be making my way to Detroit Rock City to see Crue Fest! Wish me luck and pray I don’t get killed/mugged in our nation’s most crime-infested city!

MOTLEY CRUE – Saints of Los Angeles






Motley Crue – Saints of Los Angeles [Best Buy Exclusive DVD Limited Edition] (2008, Motley Records)

Track Listing:
1. “L.A.M.F.” … 1:21
2. “Face Down in the Dirt” … 3:44
3. “What’s It Gonna Take” … 3:45
4. “Down at the Whisky” … 3:50
5. “Saints of Los Angeles” … 3:40
6. “MF of the Year” … 3:55
7. “The Animal in Me” … 4:16
8. “Welcome to the Machine” … 3:00
9. “Just Another Psycho” … 3:36
10. “Chicks=Trouble” … 3:13
11. “This Ain’t a Love Song” … 3:25
12. “White Trash Circus” … 2:51
13. “Goin’ out Swingin'” … 3:27

Best Buy Exclusive Bonus DVD
1. “Saints of Los Angeles” Music Video
2. Crue Fest Press Conference
3. “Kickstart My Heart” live performance
4. “Saints of Los Angeles” live performance

Vince Neil – Vocals
Mick Mars – Guitar
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Tommy Lee – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Josh Todd – Gang Vocals
Jacoby Shaddix – Gang Vocals
Chris Taylor Brown – Gang Vocals
James Michael – Backing/Gang Vocals, Keyboards
Marty Frederikson – Backing Vocals
Melissa Harding – Backing Vocals

Produced by: James Michael
Co-Produced by: Nikki Sixx & DJ Ashba

When Motley said they were working on NEW material, I was ecstatic. I loved the new stuff, “Sick Love Song” and “If I Die Tomorrow”, they added onto the Red, White & Crue compilation. I thought they were a perfect mix of the classic Motley sound and modern hard rock, even if some Motley fans didn’t care for’em. I remember seeing them on the Carnival of Sin tour and the crowd just sitting on their hands when they played those songs. So, I was thinking we’d get an album full of sick love songs, but Motley has gone back to their roots with this album and is delivering good old-fashioned Motley hard rock.

Even in anticipation, I was kinda worried, because their last studio album, 2000’s New Tattoo fell flat with me. But SOLA definitely has bite and definitely sounds like Motley, despite the fact that Nikki’s side project, SIXX:AM, was pretty much the creative force behind it (James Michael & DJ Ashba produced and had a hand in writing every song alongside Nikki). Veteran rock songwriter/producer Marti Frederikson had a heavy hand in the songwriting as well, and Mick did also, to a lesser extent. At least, they didn’t bring Bob Rock back. He neutered Metallica for a decade and nearly did the same with Motley in 1994!

Anyway, song samples posted on a few weeks back didn’t give me much hope, but I don’t know what I  was thinking at the time, because the album rocks and is one of 2008’s best releases. “Saint of Los Angeles” is my favorite track and is classic Motley without any modern influences. It also features “gang vocals” from Crue Fest-mates James Michael (SIXX:AM) Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) and Chris Taylor Brown (Trapt). On the flipside, “The Animal in Me” screams modern rock radio to me, but is very good, and should be their next single. Nikki’s always had a good ear for writing catchy modern hard rock songs (listen to Saliva’s “Rest In Pieces” and tell me I’m lying!).

I picked up the Best Buy limited edition, but the only difference is there’s a bonus DVD, but it’s pretty cool. There’s a music video for “SOLA”, their Crue Fest press conference in full and two songs they performed live at the press conference. Plus, photo stills of the band and a bunchload of excerpts from their band autobiography, “The Dirt”.

Highlights: “What’s It Gonna Take”, “Down at the Whisky”, “Saints of Los Angeles”, “MF of the Year”, “The Animal in Me”, “This Ain’t a Love Song”, “Goin’ out Swingin'”.

The Killing Road

Everyone have their tickets? The tours are starting to kick off and I’m getting pumped for it. I live fairly close to Detroit and Chicago, so a lot of acts are coming my way.

As it stands right now, I’ll be hitting up Crue Fest on July 15th in Detroit and I CANNOT wait. Motley absolutely killed (With no opening act!) when I saw them in Pensacola, Florida, back on the Carnival of Sin tour and I know they’ll do the same here. I can only imagine it’ll be that much better having four other bands (Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Sixx:A.M., Trapt) playing with them.

Then on top of that, I’ll be getting my tickets to the August 18th ‘Metal Masters’ show (Priest, Heaven and Hell, Motorhead, Testament) in Detroit.

There’s also a Poison/Sebastian Bach/Dokken show on August 8th in Sterling Heights, but I don’t know if my budget will allow for it, but I’d love to go.

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