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Review: Red Lamb – s/t

Red Lamb (2012, self-released)

1. The Cage … 3:45
2. One Shell (In the Chamber) … 3:22
3. Standby Passenger … 3:3)
4. Runaway Train … 4:41
5. Puzzle Box … 4:39
6. Get Up … 3:38
7. Don’t Threaten to Love Me … 3:55
8. Angels of War … 4:07
9. Watchman … 4:37
10. Warpaint … 3:09
11. Temptation … 4:00
12. Keep Pushing Me … 4:21

Don Chaffin – Vocals
Dan Spitz – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Patrick Johansson – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Chris Vrenna – Synthesizers

Producer: Dave Mustaine & Dan Spitz

This is an album that should be of interest to Megadeth & Anthrax fans because it is a project put together by ex-Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz with Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine co-producing the album with Spitz.

It seems like there’s some confusion and assumptions on the internet as to what Mustaine’s involvement was on this album. At one time, it was assumed that Mustaine was going to be playing guitar and performing lead vocals but according to the Red Lamb bio and recent interviews with Dan Spitz that was never the case or intention. I’ve seen other sites speculate that Dave secretly plays or is singing on this album (and I’ll admit vocalist Don Chaffin sounds a lot like Dave at points) but why would he do that? This project has everything to gain by promoting the fact that Dave played on it. I’m pretty sure if it happened Spitz & Mustaine wouldn’t keep it a secret.

From what I can gather about Dave’s involvement is that the album was written & recorded without Mustaine having anything to do with it. Red Lamb was entirely a Spitz venture. Dan let Mustaine hear the album and then Dave made suggestions and the album was then adjusted accordingly thus giving Dave a co-producing credit.

It’s amazing how much Don Chaffin comes off as Dave though. He’s got the snarl down pat and even the phrasing and emphasis is very similar but then there are other times when you can tell it’s not Dave singing. Maybe Spitz had originally intended to Dave to be the vocalist and went in a similar vocal direction without him?

Vocals aside, a lot of the music sounds like modern day Megadeth so I can understand people thinking Mustaine “secretly” played a bigger than in this than is being admitted. “Angels of War” could have come off any Megadeth album from the last 10 years as could have a number of other tracks. There’s a few duds though. I don’t care for “One Shell (In the Chamber)”, which is nu-metal and features some rapping.

Overall, this is good album worth checking out for fans of that are into modern metal and have been digging the last few Megadeth albums.

Highlights: “The Cage”, “Standby Passenger”, “Don’t Threaten to Love Me”, “Angels of War”

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