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Lordi – Babez For Breakfast

Lordi – Babez For Breakfast (2010, The End Records)

1. “SCG5: It’s a Boy!” … 1:21
2. “Babez for Breakfast” … 3:30
3. “This Is Heavy Metal” … 3:01
4. “Rock Police” … 3:58
5. “Discoevil” … 3:49
6. “Call Off the Wedding” … 3:31
7. “I Am Bigger Than You” … 3:04
8. “ZombieRawkMachine” … 3:42
9. “Midnite Lover” … 3:21
10. “Give Your Life for Rock and Roll” … 3:54
11. “Nonstop Nite” … 3:56
12. “Amen’s Lament to Ra” … 0:32
13. “Loud and Loaded” … 3:15
14. “Granny’s Gone Crazy” … 3:56
15. “Devil’s Lullaby” … 3:43

Mr. Lordi – Lead Vocals
Amen – Guitars
OX – Bass
Kita – Drums, Backing Vocals
Awa – Keyboards

Additional Musicians:
Bruce Kulick – Guitar solo on “Call Off the Wedding”

Producer: Michael Wagener

My first Lordi album! I’ve certainly familiar with the band of the years though. How could I not be? They worship ’80s rock/metal so of course I would know of their existence. I just never felt compelled to buy an album from them. My issue with them has always been their songs always sound so similar and I never really thought it was a great sound in the first place. They’re like the evil and heavier version of Wig Wam. What I do enjoy about this band is that despite their¬†horrific costumes, they have have a sense of humor, great love for the ’80s and are purposefully cheesy.¬†Despite the fact that I’ve grown to despise FYE more than ever, I found myself in that store recently and saw this album for $9.99. With the Halloween season upon us and money to burn, I decided to take the chance.

They aren’t trying to be dark, evil, satanic, obscene or disgusting. They’re just using horror in a fun, schlocky and comedic way using elements of other shock rockers like KISS, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Rob Zombie, Twisted Sister and W.A.S.P. This fact is on fully display with the song “This Is Heavy Metal”. Not only does the song completely ripoff KISS’ “War Machine” (lovingly, of course) but the artwork for the single and inside the CD booklet features a metalhead Frankenstein (complete with neck bolts) made up of parts of KISS, Twisted Sister, the Crue and W.A.S.P.! And besides, just check out the album cover! If that’s not ’80s cheese with a side of humor, I don’t know what is!

What really surprised me with this album is the connection it has to 80s rock/metal, other than the influence I mean. Bruce Kulick co-wrote and plays the solo on the ballad “Call Off the Wedding”. Mr. Lordi even sings in a fairly clean vocal style on that song instead of his usual gravelly style and it reminds me of Tobias Sammet. Then you’ve got Mark freakin’ Slaughter playing the role of “dad” on “Granny’s Gone Crazy”. Why not have him sing something too since you had him in the studio? Then Michael Wagener produced and he’s worked in the studio with the likes of Skid Row, Metallica, the Crue, Keel, Dokken, Overkill and White Lion!

I can’t say this is a great album (many of the songs still sound too similar and 15 tracks is overkill) but at $10 it’s an enjoyable disc and I think I got my money’s worth. It pleased this ’80s metal and shock rock fan. It’s a fun album that deals with rock ‘n’ roll, doomed weddings, dancing zombies, the evils of disco, crazy grannies and eating bitches for brunch. Doesn’t that sound fun to you? This album has me thinking I should pick up the previous Lordi albums after all…

Highlights: “Babez for Breakfast”, “This Is Heavy Metal”, “ZombieRawkMachine”, “Give Your Life for Rock and Roll”, “Loud and Loaded”, “Granny’s Gone Crazy”, “Devil’s Lullaby”

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