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Sister Sin – Now and Forever [Review]

Sister Sin – Now and Forever
2012, Victory Records

2. End of the Line
3. Fight Song
4. In It For Life
5. Hearts of Cold
6. The Chosen Few
7. Hang ‘Em High
8. I’m Not You
9. Shades of Black
10. Running Low
11. Morning After

Liv Jagrell
Jimmy Hiltula
Dave Sundberg

Sister Sin have returned with Now and Forever and it’s a relentless old-school metal album with catchy choruses and sense of melody. Nothing hooked into my brain immediately like “Outrage” from True Sound of the Underground did but I’ve warmed up to the album after a few listens. It’s obvious the band is still delivering hard-crunching metal anthems with songs like “End of the Line”, “Fight Song” and “The Chosen Few”.

Despite some mainstream coverage that band has received and the various “Hot Women in Metal” lists Liv Jagrell has been included in, I’m happy to see the band isn’t selling out and creating a sound that’s more commercial. Sister Sin is still straight up hard-crunching, raw metal and they don’t attempt that rock/pop crossover like Halestorm (another band that features a hot female lead singer) sometimes does.

There is one ballad (“Morning After”) on the album but ballads aren’t anything new to metal bands. And it’s actually one of the better songs on the album. While I don’t want to ever see this band loading up their albums with ballads, I think they should definitely think about including one or two on the next release.

This is a solid album that will not disappoint fans of the band.

Highlights: “End of the Line”, “Fight Song”, “The Chosen Few”, “Hang ‘Em High”, “Morning After”

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