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Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington – High Rise [Review]


Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington – High Rise
2013, Play Pen LLC
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1. Out of Time
2. Black Heart
3. Same On The Inside
4. Cry Cry
5. Tomorrow

Chester Bennington – Lead Vocals
Dean DeLeo – Guitar
Robert DeLeo – Bass
Eric Kretz – Drums

Producer: Stone Temple Pilots

With the messy legal war raging on with their former lead singer Scott Weiland (who insists he is still a member of the group and will have to be bought out, not fired), STP decided to release some new music as “Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington” after bringing the Linkin Park singer into the band. Smart move.

When the band released the first single, “Out of Time”, I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure how Chester would fit in with STP but he does so perfectly. The band hasn’t changed their style at all, they are still STP, and it seems like maybe Bennington is getting to show a different vocal side than what he does in Linkin Park. I have new respect for him as a singer. He’s not a Weiland clone, but he’s singing these songs in the same way that I imagine Weiland would.

The second single, “Black Heart”, is almost as good as the first and “Same On The Inside” is another great tune. “Out of Time” definitely compares well with anything from the band’s 2010 self-titled release and the rest of the songs here are enjoyable.

I have no doubt that Weiland will once again rejoin STP. There probably is not much of a future for either side without one another. Linkin Park takes priority over STP and when Bennington eventually gets busy recording & touring with his own band, I’m sure there will be yet another STP reunion. In the meantime, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Weiland hook back up with Velvet Revolver (it’s been 5 years and VR still hasn’t found a new lead singer).

Regardless, creatively-speaking, there is life in this band after Weiland. They haven’t lost a step even if they’ve lost their original lead singer. I’d love for this version of the group to get another EP or a full-length album out sometime next year.

Highlights: “Out of Time”, “Black Heart”, “Same On The Inside”

LINKIN PARK – Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory (2000, Warner Bros. Records)

1. “Papercut” … 3:05
2. “One Step Closer” … 2:36
3. “With You” … 3:23
4. “Points of Authority” … 3:20
5. “Crawling” … 3:29
6. “Runaway” … 3:04
7. “By Myself” … 3:10
8. “In the End” … 3:36
9. “A Place for My Head” … 3:05
10. “Forgotten” … 3:15
11. “Cure for the Itch” … 2:37
12. “Pushing Me Away” … 3:12

Chester Bennington – Vocals
Rob Bourdon – Drums, Percussion
Brad Delson – Guitar, Bass
Joseph Hahn – DJ, Sampling
Mike Shinoda – Emcee, Vocals, Beats, Sampling, Guitar

Additional Musicians:
The Dust Brothers – Beats on “With You”
Ian Hornbeck – Bass
Scott Koziol – Bass

Produced by: Don Gilmore

Linkin Park was/is one of the better bands to fuse rock with hip hop. It’s not a genre I’m in love with, but Linkin Park can pull it off. They weren’t goofs like Crazy Town or Limp Bizkit trying to prove just how much they were into hip hop, they’re really more of rock band that just happens to use beats and an emcee. The rap factor is always used to enhance the songs, not be the songs and that’s why this album works and is one of the best rock album of the early 2000s.

“Crawling” is my favorite track and is one of the best “nu metal” songs ever. “One Step Closer” was the album’s first single and was pretty popular, but it wasn’t until I heard “Crawling” that I knew I had to own this album. I had bought the album around the same time I bought my first car, so I gave this one a lot of play in MY car in MY CD player with a big grin on my face.

I can’t say I’m a big Linkin Park fan (their follow up disappointed me), but I’m a big fan of this particular album. The band is really good at writing great melodies to fit the angst found in the lyrics. When this album came out, Chester Bennington scored several cool points for me in an interview where he was asked about his voice — he said he got his voice by screaming his lungs out to Judas Priest in his bedroom when he was younger.

The album itself was a HUGE success. It’s one of the biggest hits of the 2000s and is one of only eight albums released in this decade to achieve diamond status (1o million+ sold) from the RIAA.

Highlights: “Papercut”, “With You”, “Crawling”, “Runaway”, “In the End”, “Place for My Head”, “Pushing Me Away”

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