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Buckcherry – The Best of Buckcherry [Review]


Buckcherry – The Best of Buckcherry
2013, Eleven Seven Music

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1. Lit Up
2. For the Movies
3. Ridin’
4. Sorry
5. Next 2 You
6. Everything
7. Crazy Bitch
8. Rescue Me
9. Rose
10. All Night Long
11. Gluttony
12. Nothing Left But Tears

Shortly after announcing the departure of bassist Jimmy Ashhurst, Buckcherry gets their first compilation album. After 15 years and a few hit albums and songs, it was definitely time for one.

I don’t have many complaints about the tracks chosen. “Rose” is kind of headscratcher. Good song, but its inclusion seems random because it’s the only track here that was never released as a single. I guess the band just really likes that song. I probably would have included “It’s a Party” from the All Night Long album in its place. I would consider the rest of the album to be pretty spot on for the casual Buckcherry fan. Every album seems to be represented well.

I have more than a few personal favorites I could’ve chosen if someone tasked me with creating a “best of” album for the band, but as someone who already owns all of their albums, I’m not upset over this tracklisting. I know it’s not meant for me. I am surprised and slightly disappointed there’s nothing rare here though. No live tracks, no new studio track, no unreleased songs, not even a song from their Reckless Sons EP (which truly does feature some of the best of Buckcherry). Including some rare or new gem is usually a good way to throw the hardcore fans a bone to get them to buy a compilation, but they didn’t even bother here.

This isn’t truly a “best of” release being that it’s mostly centered around the band’s highest charting and most recent singles. Still, it’s a good compilation for someone that doesn’t have the interest in picking up all of the band’s albums. This is a good overview of the band and it’s got the band’s biggest radio hits and that should be enough for some people.

BUCKCHERRY – All Night Long

Buckcherry – All Night Long [Best Buy Exclusive Limited Edition] (2010, Eleven Seven Music)

Disc 1: All Night Long

1. “All Night Long” … 3:54
2. “It’s a Party” … 3:44
3. “These Things” … 3:52
4. “Oh My Lord” … 3:38
5. “Recovery” … 3:01
6. “Never Say Never” … 3:43
7. “I Want You” … 3:43
8. “Liberty” … 4:16
9. “Our World” … 3:50
10. “Bliss” … 3:56
11. “Dead” … 5:24

Disc 2: Reckless Sons Acoustic EP

1. ‘These Things” … 3:58
2. “Fire Off Your Guns”  … 3:46
3. “Black Butterfly” … 3:47
4. “King of Kings” … 4:49
5. “My Friend” … 3:58
6. “Grace” … 4:20

Josh Todd – Lead Vocals
Keith Nelson – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Stevie D. – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jimmy Ashhurst – Bass, Backing Vocals
Xavier Muriel – Drums, Percussion

Producer: Marti Frederikson & Keith Nelson

All Night Long is one of my most anticipated albums for 2010. The release of the singles “All Night Long” and “Our World” gave me great hope for this album. I was a big supporter of this band when their debut album hit back in ’99 but then they kinda drifted away after the release of Time Bomb but made a great rock ‘n’ roll comeback with 15 in 2006. 2008’s Black Butterfly was the band’s finest moment in my opinion (though most disagree) and their Live & Loud 2009 release is one of my favorite live albums of all time. I guess maybe in my eyes this band can do no wrong at this point. I’ve been lucky enough to see them in concert three times and they’re one of few real rock bands left. They have a classic sound and look but aren’t retro. Simply put, Buckcherry is good sleazy rock ‘n’ roll.

I pre-ordered the Best Buy edition because it was only $9.99 and also it comes with an “exclusive” second disc — the Reckless Sons Acoustic EP. Well, I guess Best Buy is correct in saying this version of Reckless Sons is exclusive because while they are offering six acoustic tracks, iTunes is offering seven (an acoustic version of “Sorry” is the extra track). It’s a shame digital music gets preferred treatment these days but that’s just the way it goes when CD sales continue to drop. I don’t download albums so I guess I’ll have to settle for this inferior Best Buy version of the EP.

The Acoustic EP is good for what it is. The original plan for the album was for all of it to be acoustic but they scrapped that idea presumably after all these acoustic songs were written. The songs are what you would expect: ballads and mid-tempo numbers. Not really something I would want a full album of but for bonus content it’s pretty good. Some of these songs would have fit in well onto the actual All Night Long album. The song “Black Butterfly” was actually written for the album of the same name but for whatever reason was not included.

As for the actual All Night Long album, for any that were disappointed by the detour the band took a bit with Black Butterfly, I think they’ll find much to like here. The album is straight-forward meat & potatoes rock ‘n’ roll. It’s Buckcherry doing what they do best — sleazy rock songs about sex and partying. There is no “Crazy Bitch” or “Too Drunk…” here and maybe that’s a good thing. I’m glad they’re not trying to re-write previous hits. I have found every single song to be enjoyable, no filler here.  Of course, there’s the few obligatory ballads but I think that’s an area where Buckcherry excels. “These Things” and “I Want You” fit in just fine with the rest of the great ballads this band has written.

In a cool nod to their debut, the album cover and inside art features photos of a live model made up to look like the painting of the girl on the cover of their debut. Apparently, her name is “Cherry Girl”. And the real girl is pretty hot!

Okay, I do have one complaint — the first disc seems to have trouble playing my computer. Reckless Sons will play just fine but All Night Long seems to have a 99.9% fail rate on this computer. I have tried it on a laptop, two DVD players and a car and it plays there fine with no problems but I guess it hates my computer. I’ve only been able to get it to play once and that was after I had restarted the computer. I ended up ejecting the disc to listen to Reckless Sons and then went to put All Night Long back in and it was back to not playing! This is very frustrating because I listen to 98% of my music on my computer.

Other than that, this is an amazing release and it’s a very strong contender to be my favorite album of the year.

Highlights: “All Night Long”, “These Things”, “Oh My Lord”, “Never Say Never”, “I Want You”, “Our World”, “Dead”, “Fire Off Your Guns”, “My Friend”

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