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CLASSIC ROCK – Back in the Saddle

Classic RockĀ  – Back in the Saddle (September 2009, Future Publishing)

1. Alice In Chains – “A Looking in View” … 7:05
2. The Wildhearts – “John of Violence” … 3:51
3. Mott the Hoople – “One of the Boys” … 4:10
4. The Jokers – “The Big Rock and Roll Show” … 4:17
5. The Union – “Watch the River Flow” … 4:24
6. Cowboy Prostitutes – “Outrageous” … 3:36
7. The Black Crowes – “I Ain’t Hiding” … 5:58
8. Saigon Hookers – “Devil to Win” … 2:10
9. Cheap Trick – “Sick Man of Europe” … 2:10
10. Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Simple Life” … 3:17
11. Porcupine Tree – “Time Flies (Edit)” … 5:23
12. We Will Have Victory – “Heretics in Vietnam” … 3:37
13. Black Spiders – “Meadow” … 6:21
14. Federal Black 40 – “The One” … 3:16
15. Emerald – “Live Forever” … 5:16

Another month, another CD insert from the UK Classic Rock magazine (the best rock magazine ever, IMO). This time the focus is on “returning heroes” (Alice In Chains, Cheap Trick, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mott the Hoople, etc.) and “young gods” (Black Spiders, We Will Have Victory, The Union, etc.). I was surprised they didn’t include KISS’ “Modern Day Delilah”, but come to find out, that’s included on the October CD from Classic Rock‘s sister publication Metal Hammer.

Typically for a collection like this, the style of rock and quality of it is all over the place. A few notes:

-Alice In Chains, despite the absence of the late Layne Staley, still sound like Alice In Chains. “A Looking in View” is plodding and dark. Good stuff, doesn’t compare to some of AIC’s better known songs though.
-The Wildhearts turn in a pretty good number that is probably one of the better songs I’ve ever heard from them.
-That Black Crowes song is just weird coming from them. It’s like some funky Fall Out Boy kind of song.
-Cheap Trick delivers with the crunch of “Sick Man of Europe”. They played this live on the Def Leppard/Poison tour this summer, I liked it then and I like it now.
-As I figured would be the case, after finally hearing them, Porcupine Tree is really boring.
-We Will Have Victory is a pretty good mix and old and new hard rock. The singer reminds me of Josh Todd.
-Emerald sounds like a band that would not have been out of place on The New Wave of Traditional Metal compilation Classic Rock issued a few months ago.

Highlights: “A Looking in View”, “John of Violence”, “Sick Man of Europe”, “Heretics in Vietnam”, “Live Forever”

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