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BLACKWOOD CREEK – Blackwood Creek

Blackwood Creek – Blackwood Creek (2010, Frontiers Records)

1. “Out In Outer Space” … 3:32
2. “Nothing But The Sun” … 3:32
3. “Your Revolution” … 3:43
4. “Dead Stung” … 4:18
5. “After Your Heart” … 4:30
6. “Albatross” … 4:21
7. “Jimmy And Georgia” … 3:40
8. “Rack Of Greed” … 2:54
9. “Love Inspector” … 3:23
10. “Joy Ride” … 3:37
11. “Wooden Shoe” … 6:29

Kip Winger – Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Peter Fletcher – Guitar, Vocals
Nate Winger – Drums, Vocals

Producer: Kip Winger

Kip Winger has been a busy man these last few years. Since 2006, Winger (the band) has released two studio albums and one live album, then Winger (the man) has released a solo album but now Kip has another project in Blackwood Creek. Does this man ever sleep ?!

There’s a pretty cool back story to this release. Blackwood Creek was a band that Kip, his brother Nate and Peter Fletcher had formed way back in junior high. The band split up in 1980 with Nate and Peter going to L.A. and Kip moving to New York. Now the band has reunited in 2007 and here are the results! But don’t get the idea that this is a bunch of jams or demos from decades ago, this is 11 brand new rock ‘n’ roll songs the band recorded together.

I can’t help but hear progressive and melodic rock of Winger at the beginning of this album, but there’s less of a progressive nature and a bit more down-to-earth good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll as the album continues. It would have been interesting if the band wrote these songs like it was still the early ’70s asking themselves, “What would our album have sounded like back then?” They didn’t go into full 1970s mode, but in addition to the inevitable Winger similarities a few of these tracks do have a ’70s hard rock vibe to them. “Love Inspector” definitely the song from this album that represents ’70s classic rock the best. It’s an unapologetic sex-fueled song!

Fans of no-frills rock ‘n’ roll and fans of anything Kip Winger-related should enjoy this one. Hopefully this reunion isn’t a short-term project. I’d love to see Blackwood Creek stick around and create more new music in the years to come… If Kip has the time for it!

Highlights: “Out In Outer Space”, “Dead Stung”, “Albatross”, “Rack Of Greed”, “Love Inspector”, “Joy Ride”

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