The Poodles – Devil in the Details [Album Review]


The Poodles – Devil in the Details
2015, Gain Music

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1. Before I Die
2. House of Cards
3. The Greatest
4. Crack in the Wall
5. (What the Hell) Baby
6. Everything
7. Stop
8. Need to Believe
9. Alive
10. Alive Without You
11. Creator and Breaker
12. Borderline

Jakob Samuel – Vocals
Henrik Bergqvist – Guitar
Johan Flodqvist – Bass
Christian Lundqvist – Drums

Producer: Mats Valentin

I became a fan of The Poodles a few years ago, and was saddened that this release slipped by me undetected. They’ve changed record labels, so maybe promotion is in part the reason I didn’t notice it originally. Even so, it took me a few more months before I could really take the time to pay attention because of my work and studies.

Devil in the Details is not a disappointment. The Poodles continue on just like they always have with their brand of modernized melodic rock/metal. Big guitars, big choruses, anthems galore! I caught one review saying the album was terrible and too “pop” and not hard ‘n’ heavy enough. Um… have they ever listened to this band before? Pop music has had a place in this band’s sound. They are pop metal, they are heavy metal, they are hard rock… They are whatever the song calls for.

Anyone who has enjoyed previous efforts from the Poodles should find plenty to like here as well!

Highlights: “Before I Die”, “House of Cards”, “The Greatest”, “Crack in the Wall”, “Everything”, “Life Without You”

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