Stryper – Fallen [Album Review]


Stryper – Fallen
2015, Frontier Records

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  1. Yahweh
  2. Fallen
  3. Pride
  4. Big Screen Lies
  5. Heaven
  6. Love You Like I Do
  7. All Over Again
  8. After Forever
  9. Till I Get What I Need
  10. Let There Be Light
  11. The Calling
  12. King of Kings

Michael Sweet – lead vocals, guitar
Robert Sweet – drums, percussion
Oz Fox – lead guitar, vocals
Tim Gaines – bass, vocals

Producer: Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet and the rest of Stryper continue their break-neck pace of releasing albums. Given the steady stream of content they’ve been delivering, you’d think the quality would be quite spotty though that hasn’t been the case. BUT… Fallen is a bit of a step down from the very heavy and anthemic No More Hell to Pay.

I must admit, I’ve given this album multiple spins but it’s not grabbing like recent previous efforts from the band (or solo Sweet) have. In fact, I’m struggling to even come up with anything to say about this album because it’s neither terrible or great. It’s a solid  but ultimately nothing sticks with me after having listened to it.

It’s almost sounds like tracks that couldn’t make the cut for the previous album. “Heaven” is easily the best song here and their cover of Black Sabbath’s “After Forever” is good but there’s not much else worth mentioning.

Highlights: “Heaven”, “After Forever”

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