Saxon – Battering Ram [Album Review]


Saxon – Battering Ram
2015, UDR Music

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1. “Battering Ram”
2. “The Devil’s Footprint”
3. “Queen of Hearts”
4. “Destroyer”
5. “Hard and Fast”
6. “Eye of the Storm”
7. “Stand Your Ground”
8. “Top of the World”
9. “To the End”
10. “Kingdom of the Cross”

Biff Byford – Vocals
Paul Quinn – Guitars
Doug Scarratt – Guitars
Nibbs Carter – Bass
Nigel Glockler – Drums

Producer: Andy Sneap

Saxon is probably one of the bigger name metal bands from the ’80s that I’ve never really explored much. I’ve listened to their older stuff, but I’ve never owned any of it. They only Saxon album I own is 2009’s Into the Labyrinth. I liked it well enough but didn’t feel compelled to really check out the two that followed (outside of a few tracks). They also got lost in the shuffle because I’m always so far behind on reviewing music from any given year.

Well, proof that album art can be very important — I decided to give Battering Ram a spin based on the album’s artwork. This is a great album cover. So very metal, so very evil and so very ’80s. Fantastic.

The music itself matches the pure awesomeness of the cover art. I don’t think you could find a more authentic heavy metal album than Battering Ram. It’s Saxon being Saxon, no apologies needed. Maybe it’s just that I don’t check out the metal websites and message boards as much I used to, but it seems like this album has received less attention than the last few efforts from the band. That’s a shame because this is the best I’ve heard from Saxon in the last few years.

Highlights: “Battering Ram”, “Queen of Hearts”, “Top of the World”, “To the End”, “Kingdom of the Cross”

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