Revolution Saints – Revolution Saints [Album Review]

Grunge rust metal surface with vignette.

Revolution Saints
2015, Frontier Records

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1. Back on My Trail
2. Turn Back Time
3. You’re Not Alone
4. Locked Out of Paradise
5. Way to the Sun
6. Dream On
7. Don’t Walk Away
8. Here Forever
9. Strangers to This Life
10. Better World
11. How to Mend a Broken Heart
12. In the Name of the Father (Fernando’s Song)

Deen Castronovo – Lead Vocals, Drums, Backing Vocals
Doug Aldrich – Guitar
Jack Blades – Bass, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Arnel Pineda – Lead Vocals
Neal Schon – Guitar
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Revolution Saints is another band in a long line of super-groups assembled at the request of Frontier Records, an Italian music label that specializes in melodic rock. As an American rock music fan, I find the names in this project to be a bit more interesting than the usual various European musicians that Frontier often employs. Night Ranger vocalist/bassist Jack Blades, former Whitesnake/Dio guitarist Doug Aldrich and Journey drummer Deen Castronovo sound like a good line-up to me.

When I first read who was in the group, I assumed Jack Blades would be singing, but not so. He does have co-lead vocals on a few songs and sings backing vocals but the majority of the album is sung by Castronovo as label president Serafino Perugino had been wanting a project with Deen on lead vocals for quite some time. Deen’s fellow Journey bandmates Arnel Pineda and Neal Schon also lend their talents to the album.

Revolution Saints is chock full o’ uplifting melodies and big vocals. A lot of that is thanks to in-house Frontier producer/songwriter/musician Alessandro Del Vecchio. As usual with these for-hire projects, the assembled players didn’t actually do much of the writing. Jack Blades, who I assumed would also be the creative force behind the band, only gets one co-writing credit. The rest of the songwriting on this release was done by Alessandro with assistance from others, such as W.E.T.‘s Erik Martensson.

I feel like Doug Aldrich is wasted to some degree playing melodic rock. The guy can shred and write some great riffs. His run in Whitesnake made me a huge fan, so it’s sad that he didn’t have much hand in what he’s playing here. Not that this is a sappy, slick and polished album. I would categorize Revolution Saints as a mix of melodic rock and melodic hard rock (yes, I think there’s a difference). While the styles of the individual players may not shine through in the songwriting or playing, this is still an album worth checking out for fans of melodic rock.

Highlights: “Back On My Trail”, “You’re Not Alone”, “Way to the Sun”, “Don’t Walk Away”, “Here Forever”


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