Sammy Hagar and The Circle – At Your Service [Album Review]


Sammy Hagar & The Circle – At Your Service
2015, Mailboat Records

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1. There’s Only One Way to Rock
2. Rock Candy
3. Good Times Bad Times
4. Poundcake
5. I Can’t Drive 55
6. Mikey bass solo
7. When It’s Love
8. Whole Lotta Love
9. Little White Lie
10. When the Levee Breaks
11. Jason solo/Moby Dick
12. Why Can’t This Be Love
13. Finish What Ya Started
14. Heavy Metal
15. Vic guitar solo
16. Best of Both Worlds
17. Right Now
18. Rock and Roll
19. Dreams

Sammy Hagar – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Vic Johnson – Guitar
Michael Anthony – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jason Bonham – Drums

Yet another “and friends”-style release from the Red Rocker (see Cosmic Universal FashionSammy Hagar & Friends and Lite Roast). Or is this a super group? I don’t know. The guy is obviously just killing time at this point in his career and doing whatever he thinks is fun. Live albums, acoustic cover albums, supergroup projects… whatever. The line-up here is actually pretty good: guitarist Vic Johnson (from Sammy’s The Waboritas backing band), Chickenfoot/ex-Van Halen bassist Micheal Anthony and highly respected journeyman drummer Jason Bonham.

At You Service is a live release recorded throughout 2014. I never knew these guys played together until this album came out, but apparently The Circle group was a small tour and this album is compilation of the dozen or so shows they did. I’m sure Sammy simply recruited whomever he felt like playing with. The set list focuses mostly on Hagar’s career (Montrose, Van Halen and solo work) but also features four Led Zeppelin songs. I’m quite sure that Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s son being in the band influenced that decision. The only portion of Hagar’s career that isn’t reflected is Chickenfoot.

All told, this isn’t a bad album if you’re a fan of live releases. Myself? I could take ’em or leave ’em but considering the line-up here, I was interested in hearing this one. Despite their ages, the voices of Hagar & Anthony don’t seem to show wear or tear. The Led Zeppelin numbers are done quite well, too. If Jimmy Page ever considered going out and doing a bunch of Zeppelin songs without Robert Plant, Sammy Hagar would be a pretty solid choice as the vocalist… certainly a much better choice than Steven Tyler!

Fans of Hagar’s entire career (and Zeppelin) should find plenty to enjoy here and hopefully this will lead to an original project from these guys.


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